Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare

Brand:HC Brown

Blake Davenport, the lead guitarist of Satan’s Army, is obsessed with a fan who attends every concert and stares at him with expressions of unbridled lust. He convinces the band to hold a “Meet and Greet” before they go on stage in the hope of meeting his sexy fan.

His dreams of taming the delicious red-haired man fall flat when Syn, the bass guitarist, recognizes him as his straight friend, Rohan. Refusing to give up, Blake sidesteps the fact, Rohan is not only straight but also Mistress Valerie’s sub and makes it his business to prove the very hot fan is not only gay, but in desperate need of his expert guidance.

 Reader Advisory: Join in a game of “Truth or Dare” Dom style.

♥♥♥♥ Red-Hot Romance

23,663 words (52 pages)

M/M, Flogging, Anal Play, Bondage, BDSM

Club Depravity 7

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“Hey, you decent?” The raspy voice of Damon, the lead singer of Satan’s Army, came through the door.

 Blake grinned. “Hang on while I remove my cock from this pup’s fine ass.”  He threw open the door and his gaze moved from Damon to his collared sub and bass player Syn. “Is there a problem?”

“Sol mentioned you’ve been asking after a regular fan.” Damon rubbed his chin as if broaching the subject was taboo. “A guy with dark auburn hair, green eyes?”

The image of his temptation flashed into his mind and he nodded. “Yeah, that’s the one. Why, is he someone you know?”

“Sure, I know him.” Syn cleared his throat. “He lived across the hall to me during college.”

A thrill ran up Blake’s spine to raise the hairs on the back of his neck and he grinned. “You don’t say? Well, I want an introduction. He’s been ignoring me and I don’t like to be ignored.” He rested a hand on Syn’s shoulder then quickly removed it at Damon’s “back the fuck off” glare. “So, what’s his name? Is he into the scene?”

“Rohan is a sub but the woman he’s with”—Syn chewed on his bottom lip and moved closer to Damon—“she’s a Dominatrix. He is straight, man. I’m sorry.”

Stunned, Blake stared at him uncomprehending. He shook his head in denial. “Have you seen the way he looks at me? Are you sure?”

“Well, a lot of us experimented at college. He was into me … well, I thought he was until it went past kissing and he backed off then refused to speak to me for weeks. He came across as gay, kissed as if he enjoyed guys, but blamed our week of intimacy on too much drink. Not that I ever saw him have more than one beer the entire semester.” Syn shrugged dismissively. “I’ve always been a bottom and thought for sure he was a top. He’s an arrogant know-it-all and a jock. He was on the football team, strutted around and spent a lot of time in the gym. I got the feeling we didn’t work out because maybe we were both bottoms.” He lifted one dark eyebrow. “Then he hooked up with Valerie. She’s always with him at the concerts so they could be married for all I know. She’s a bossy bitch and he seems different when he’s with her, so there may be a D/s relationship going on, it’s hard to tell. I do know he’s some high-profile New York literary agent, so I doubt he’d enjoy the publicity of being a sub—especially your sub.  He’s a lost cause, man. Don’t waste your time.”

Blake rubbed the back of his neck. No man is a little bit gay. Sure, some experiment but it’s not usual for a straight guy to seek out a gay lover unless he wants to discover the truth hiding inside. “Perhaps he’s bisexual. Just how far did you go past kissing?”

“Oh man.” Syn snorted. “I give a great BJ, if I do say so myself. He was so into it, moaning and pulling my hair but the moment I suggested he stay the night and fuck me, he practically ran out the door. He moved off campus a few days later.”

“It looks like you have a challenge on your hands.” Damon chuckled and slapped him on the back. “Is the great and dangerous Blake Davenport a good enough lover to turn a maybe straight married guy? I’ll bet you five hundred you can’t get him into your dungeon or bed in what … say a month?”

Blake shook his head.  “I’m not betting on something so personal. If we hit it off and it comes out later we made bets on me taking his ass, it will ruin any trust we have built between us.” He grinned. “Although … between you and me, I’m convinced I’ll get him into my bed within two weeks. He wants me, I fucking know it, and I don’t believe for a second he’s married a woman. Nah, he’s into guys I’d bet my balls on it.”

The five-minute warning buzzed in the hall. He turned his attention back to Syn. “Now, start the ball rolling by introducing me to him and make sure you insist on him and his woman joining us at the party tonight.” Blake grinned. “It will appear to be innocent enough because Julie is coming and will act as my ‘beard.’ If things go well, my room is just down the hall.”

“You’ll be an asshole to work with if he refuses you.” Damon rubbed his chin. “Do you have a plan B?”

“Nope.” Blake squared his shoulders then opened both arms. “Look at me. I’m an arrogant SOB but I know that boy needs me. I can fucking see it in his eyes.” He swallowed the lump forming in his throat. “If he becomes my boy, I’ll stop fucking every ass that walks by and no more pre-concert BJs. I’m that serious.”

Damon’s black eyebrows shot up to his hairline. He grimaced, pulled open the door and pushed Syn into the hall then turned back, his face grim.

“You are so gonna crash and burn.”

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