Swimsuit Season

Swimsuit Season

Forget the swim trunks, this year he’s shopping for a brand-new boyfriend instead!

Five years ago, Jamie Chambers stumbled upon the stuff of fantasy: a lone spring breaker, lounging in the condo pool playing his stereo too loud. Jamie was there to ask him to turn it down, but instead, the spring breaker only served to turn him on, taking his V-card hours later in the empty pool house. Afterward, Jamie’s Mystery Man promised to come back the following spring break for a repeat performance. No surprise, he never has…

Fast forward five years and surf shop manager Kendrick Hargrove has picked out his annual sampling of baggies for his longtime crush Jamie to try on. After all, it’s the first day of spring break and, like clockwork, every year Jamie comes in to buy a new pair.

Not this spring break! This year, Jamie isn’t picking out a sexy new pair of baggies for some random stranger, he’s made up his mind to make his dreams come true and try Kendrick on instead!

PUBLISHER NOTE: Contemporary Erotic M/M Romance. Friends to Lovers. 23,300 words. All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

♥♥♥ Scorching-Hot Romance

M/M Romance

Hotblooded Holidays – Book 4

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He tugged the curtain back, finding Kendrick mere inches away and wearing a surprised smile. “So?” Jamie inched even closer, glancing down at his waist, the top of the baggies left slightly undone, exposing the thin, wispy happy trail just enough to hint at what might lie beneath. He couldn’t ever remember feeling so positively frisky in all his days. And with Kendrick, of all people!

“Whaddaya think?”

Kendrick glanced down, no longer quite so coy about letting his gaze linger at Jamie’s waist… and then drifting gently lower. He lifted those long fingers to his face, cupping them around his chin to give Jamie a thoughtful pose.

“Not sure,” he murmured, voice thick and low and doing strange, erotic things to Jamie’s already confused belly, to say nothing of the thick cock he was still struggling to hide. “Turn around.”

Jamie noted the almost commanding tone in Kendrick’s voice, deep and rich and alluring. Slowly, but dutifully, even eagerly, he did as he was told, bare feet inching in a slow, taunting semi-circle until his back was to Kendrick.

The surf shop grew quiet, save for the almost subliminal twinkling of steel drums oozing from the speakers high overhead. Jamie felt vaguely awkward and exposed, his back to Kendrick as the wooden floorboards squeaked gently underfoot. Then, almost magically, Kendrick’s fingers appeared on either side of Jamie’s bare waist, tugging gently at the baggies so that he almost flinched.

Almost. Instead, he held his ground, shivering as heat wafted off Kendrick’s towering body in smooth waves to match the soft warm breath bathing Jamie’s bare shoulders as he stood right behind him.

Jamie savored the surprisingly erotic moment, basking in every detail so that he could store it in his spank bank for later: the feel of Kendrick’s fingertips, smooth and warm, against the bare skin just above his waistband. Kendrick’s subdued but rich cologne, something vaguely beachy like sandalwood or sea grapes, made Jamie’s nostrils flare as he savored every breath. The heat from Kendrick’s body and the soft, gentle wafting of his breath, warm and sweet and vaguely cinnamon–y, like he’d just nibbled on a breath mint before Jamie had walked inside the store.

“Perfect fit,” Kendrick murmured, so close to his ear Jamie knew he was no longer imagining the sexual tension that had been building inside the rustic surf shop ever since he’d sauntered in only minutes earlier.

“Then again,” Kendrick murmured, close enough to his ear to bite it. If only he would. “How could you go wrong with a body like yours, Jamie?”

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