Boxers & Bubbly

Boxers & Bubbly

This year they’ll toast to romance, once and for all…

Logan Emory has had a man crush on his former teammate, Parker Piedmont, for as long as he can remember. It culminated with a spring break pool party during Parker’s senior year, where sophomore, Logan, watched as the night wore down and it was just the two of them, lying next to each other on deck chairs. Their eyes met, the implications clear, the attraction strong, and then… teammate Boomer Sampson picked Parker up and tossed him in the pool, literally dashing all hopes both boys had of a late-night hook-up, to say nothing of a burgeoning relationship.

Five years later, Logan is the founder and CEO of Soxers, a chain of pop-up kiosks selling boxer shorts and tube socks. Parker has returned to town on New Year’s Eve to sell his parents’ property. When Parker pops into Soxers and finds Logan behind the sales counter, he lures his old teammate and former crush over to deliver some boxers and socks but has much more in mind once Logan gets there.

Will the surprise invitation ignite a New Year full of boxers, bubbly, and more, or fall flat like warm champagne on New Year’s Day?

PUBLISHER NOTE: Contemporary Erotic M/M Romance. Second Chance Romance. 23,000 words. All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

♥♥♥♥ Red-Hot Romance

M/M Romance

Hotblooded Holidays – Book 2


Parker had drifted gently closer, until Logan could see every flicker of stubble on his chiseled chin. “And now?!?” his host asked, so close Logan could have reached out to touch him if he’d only dared to.

“Now? Maybe we can ring in the new year working through some of our fantasies from that night…”

Logan stifled a gasp. “You… you mean… in real life?”

The water stirred as Parker stood gently from where he’d been crouched, coiled like a python just beneath the water’s surface. Smooth, clear droplets caressed his taut chest and lean, narrow waist. Logan peered slightly up at him, back still pressed against the pool tiles, knees still bent as he lingered below the water’s edge, smooth warm water caressing his every nook and cranny in the most sensual of ways.

“You still want me, right?”

Logan rolled his eyes. “What do you think, Parker?”

Parker inched even closer. Logan didn’t feel threatened, exactly, but there was danger in the air and, instinctively, he stood to his full height, the pool tiles gentle against the small of his wet, naked back.

Parker peered slightly up at him, growling playfully as he placed a hand on either side of Logan’s waist. “I think you need to tell me before we go even further, Logan.”

“Tell you what?” Despite his best intentions to play it cool, Logan’s voice was shaky, just a notch below trembling. He wished he could say the same for his body, which was a shivering mass of poorly hid emotions, built up over the last few years.

Parker inched even closer, their bodies dangerously near to one another. “Tell me you still want me, Logan. Before we go one step further, tell me how much you want me tonight.”

“I do,” Logan whimpered helplessly. Quite literally, he simply couldn’t help the utterly involuntary sound that escaped from his desperate, trembling lips. “Parker, if anything, I want you… I want you more than I did that night.”

Parker beamed, all threats gone, replaced suddenly with an almost comical look of relief.

Logan lifted a single finger, poking it in the center of his chest, water dripping with every poke. “Now you. Tell. Me!”

Parker batted his hand away playfully, but even so, the movement was sure and strong and quick. It was obvious he hadn’t lost any of his athletic prowess over the years, that was for sure. Instead, he slid a hand on either side of Logan’s face, warm, tender palms caressing his breathless cheeks.

“I’d prefer to show you, Logan.”

With that, he kissed him. Soft, sweet, sure and confident, full lips on Logan’s as he tasted the chlorine and passion and desire that had been lurking there all night. Logan gasped, desperate for breath as Parker stood gently back, nodding with flushed cheeks and a panting chest.

“That’s how much I want you, Logan. That’s how much I’ve… I’ve always wanted you.”

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