Cubicle Cupid

Cubicle Cupid

This year, Cupid’s wearing a pocket protector!

Seth Jerome is perfectly content with his go-nowhere job at the Holiday Helpline, working the graveyard shift in an empty office, going home to his empty loft apartment and numb to everything about his empty, workaday life. But when he is assigned an intern for the spring semester, Seth’s world is turned upside down—and that’s before he meets Lyle, the nerdy, slight, bookish and utterly irresistible college sophomore he’ll be spending the semester with.

Lyle McPhee is more than happy to blitz through Carlton College the same way he blitzed through high school: hard, fast and anonymous, with no one to question his illicit desires or, for that matter, indulge them since he’s far too shy for anything as intimate as dating another boy. But all that changes when he meets Seth, his coworker at Holiday Helpline. For underneath Seth’s sculptured physique and alpha aesthetic is a big, old softie waiting to be lured out of his shell—and into Lyle’s bed. And for once, Lyle is more than willing to take the plunge and lose his V-card to the sexiest jock on campus!

PUBLISHER NOTE: Contemporary Erotic M/M Romance. New Adult/College Holiday Romance. 27,700 words. All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

♥♥♥ Scorching-Hot Romance

M/M Romance

Hotblooded Holidays – Book 3

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Seth nodded at his gleaming lover, smooth body aglow in the flickering candlelight. The album side had finished now, the record scratching but Seth too preoccupied to do anything about it just yet. Instead, he admired the tent pressing against the soft cotton of Lyle’s baggy pink boxer shorts.

“So you are a boxer man, after all?”

“Sometimes.” Lyle squirmed, his long, thin cock outlined clearly in the candles’ shadow. “Sometimes not. These were my only clean pair left.”

Lyle reached gently down to drift a stray knuckle atop the damp stain that had spread across the thin cotton front of his straining shorts. “Were clean,” he murmured, pressing against the straining staff and watching the stain spread even more as Lyle gasped beneath the tender pressure. “You’ve got a little leakage going on down there, bud.”

Their eyes met as Seth glanced away from the quarter-sized stain. “I’ve never been this wet before, Seth.”

Seth flinched at the desperate, helpless way Lyle said his name. “Never?”

Lyle grunted, glancing down as the stain spread even wider, almost to the size of a half dollar by now. The poor guy must have been close to bursting by now, Seth thought to himself wickedly, determined to tease poor Lyle to within an inch of his life, no matter how wet his poor boxer shorts got.

Lyle’s voice was as desperate and frustrated as his helplessly trembling prick. “I’ve actually cum and been less wet!”

Seth chuckled at the wicked imagery, throbbing in his own work pants and probably just as wet as his poor virgin lover. “Hmm,” Seth murmured, hands reaching out to grip either side of Lyle’s sagging waistband as his squirming lover gasped at the rough intrusion. He yanked left, then right, until the shadow image of Lyle’s skinny young prick shifted in the same direction, Lyle’s face a mask of bittersweet agony as he murmured and bit his lower lip again, bruising it all the more. “Let’s see if we can’t make you just a little wetter before the unveiling, huh, Big Guy?”

Lyle practically gulped, the comic book version of a sexy young man on the verge of something truly frightening. “Unveiling?”

“Sure, Lyle, remember?” Unable to take it any longer, Seth tugged the boxers gently down, Lyle’s leaking tip poking over the waistband as if to greet them with its wet, slick eye. “Time to see if you’re smooth all over.”

Lyle gasped as the boxers continued to wriggle loose, until it was clear that, yes, his boy was smooth. So damn, sexily smooth. Bare skin a tapestry of soft, yielding flesh just begging to be touched, teased, tasted and pleased. Everywhere. Even his thick, hanging balls throbbing and swollen as Seth made quick work of yanking the boxers down to mid-thigh. Lyle struggled to stand and undo them like they’d done his dress pants earlier, but Seth stopped him as they hovered, locking his knees in place until Lyle was just where Seth wanted him: ripe, dripping, raw and helpless.

“W–w–what?” Lyle stammered helplessly, laughably. “What now?”

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