New Release: Alien Laid Bare by Annie Oakfield

Happy release day to Annie Oakfield with the 2nd story, Alien Laid Bare in her highly erotic and entertaining Paranormal series, The Dark Horse.

Imagine if the Earth was pulled from beneath her feet.

Aurora Silvestre is a unique being on Earth, an extremely rare product of the mating between her father and a female TauCetean.

But her existence comes with a price: The aggressive alien DNA lurking within her genome constantly tries to assume control of her human body—unless she mates with a human male every four days.

The upside of her hybrid nature is superior strength, intelligence, and lightning-fast reactions, which has already proved useful to Detectives of the Quincy Police Department.

However, other forces are coming into play, forces which will have long-term effects on the population of Quincy, MA, and possibly the entire human race.

Reader Advisory: If you are easily offended by the idea of a half-alien woman seducing men and having frequent, messy sex … this might very well be your kind of thing.

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