Upon a Northern Sunset

Upon a Northern Sunset

Savanna Ricci is a highly accomplished and popular Pianist. Reggie Foxx is a greatly successful and prominent Psychiatrist. Both reside miles away from one another and they clearly walk separate paths. Single, financially wealthy, and living to the fullest extent, Reggie enjoys working hard as much as he loves playing hard; cars and his leisure time spent fishing are a secondary passion—next to his relations and job. Also, single, and sort of rolling in dough, Savanna too lives to the fullest. Her sentiments lie in the music she creates, time with family, friends, and her fans. When she’s not touring Earth and performing shows, she gladly teaches her honed skills to supplement her income, to whomever respectfully request her services. Each one of them has a deep devotion to life—and a strong drive for personal growth. In their travels, both unexpectedly fall in love. Little did they know: a special person who fancies pizza, root beer, and long walks, would bring them together and affect them in ways neither had ever fathomed. Inside: you’ll read two extraordinary tales—which coincides, mystically comes together, and shows how love and devotion can defeat anything.

Savanna’s time with an exceptionally gifted man was short but well worth every minute spent.

Reggie: a strong, no filter, straight-to-the-point guy, is a true lifesaver to those he holds dear.

Please enjoy . . .

PUBLISHER NOTE: All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

♥♥♥♥ Red-Hot Romance

M/F Romance


He held the packet to her. “Happy Birthday, Savanna.”
She warmly smiled, took the bag, and sat it on the piano. “Hakeem, how sweet of you, thanks. You came all the way here for this?”
“Yep, April told me today was your Birthday.”
 “I don’t know what to say, Hakeem. You didn’t have to.”
He smirked, “But I wanted to.”
“Okay, now,” she took the bag and carefully looked inside, “let’s see what we got.”
Hakeem eagerly watched Savanna.
She reached in and pulled out a single item. Setting the sack to the side, she next held the piece up, studied it, and smiled. A short silk, black, lady’s spaghetti string strap nightie. “It’s lovely, Hakeem.”
He blushed.
Savanna warmly grinned. “Thank you.” She kissed his cheek.
He blushed again, “I–I got it at the cloth place in town, for only eight . . . eight dollars.”
“Hey, now. I thought you were saving to go to Mackinaw?”
 “I am, but it’s okay.”
“It really wasn’t necessary, Sweetie.”
“But it’s your birthday, Savanna. And . . .”
“And, what?”
 “I think you’re pretty.”
This time she blushed, “thank you.” She looked him over, what an amazing man. It’s too bad more aren’t like him. “Don’t go nowhere,” Savanna patted him on the shoulder. “I’ll be right back.”
She strolled away to another room. In a few moments, she returned with only the gown on, and a pretty pair of black lace anklet socks. Hakeem’s eyes got big. Savanna stopped short of him and spun around, “ta-da. You like?” He sat frozen. “Hakeem, it’s okay. I promise I won’t bite.”
“Biting is okay, sometimes.”
“I’ll have to remember that,” She giggled.
He laughed with her, “Yep!”
Savanna rubbed his back, “thank you. I love the gift.”
 “M–me too.”
She sat on his knee and put her left arm around him, “you really like sex; don’t you?”
“Yes.” He smiled. “I love sex. All the time.”
“You wanna have sex with me?”
He smiled wider. “Yes, I–I wanna have sex with you, Savanna. All the time.”
She stood and held out her right arm. “Follow me.”

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