NEW RELEASE: Risking Legacy by Annie Oakfield

NEW RELEASE: Risking Legacy by Annie Oakfield

RISKING LEGACY — Book 2 of The Shifters of New Hampshire Paranormal Romance series.

Shifting has become a family matter.

One year ago, under the full moon, City girl, Nadia St. John gave herself to the trio of champion shifters, fully prepared to conceive a child each year in the name of enduring peace.

Now, as the second Sammenføjning ceremony approaches, Nadia’s mind is flooded with erotic fantasies about the upcoming foursome. Consumed by guilt, she tries to hide her erotic daydreaming from her young lover, Jamie.

But a recent attack by two rogue shifters has left the pair shaken and fearful for their safety. They cannot afford to conceal the news, but if the attack becomes common knowledge, the alphas would demand retribution,

To do so could trigger a bloody war between the packs.

Reader Advisory: A Paranormal Romantic Suspense story describing women who surrender themselves to handsome, muscular shifters. Contains nudity.

PUBLISHER NOTE: M/F and mild F/F encounters. (Polyamory). M/F Romance with Ménage encounters. Voyeurism. 21,400 words. All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

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