Hay, Santa

Hay, Santa

This year, two city boys will find love in the countryside, one haybale at a time…

Caleb Worthington has had a crush on his frat brother, Will Masters, for five long years. But as part of the Fab 5, a group of found friends who became more like family, there’s little chance of being alone with his man crush without the other three joining in. But this year, a little Christmas magic might just mean Caleb could find Will in his stocking instead of coal!

After graduating from college, Will Masters thought his chance at being with Caleb was a thing of the past. But when a surprise Christmas getaway for two presents itself, Will jumps at the chance — pledging to jump Caleb’s bones once and for all. Will the holiday getaway be the jump-start their relationship has always needed? Or the beginning of something neither of them could have dared expect?

PUBLISHER NOTE: Contemporary Erotic M/M Romance. Friends to Lovers Romance. 28,200 words. All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

♥♥♥♥ Red-Hot Romance

M/M Romance

Hotblooded Holidays – Book 8

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“So soon?” Caleb chuckled, reaching down for Will’s hand. “Aren’t you horny yet?”

Will felt the little thrum that accompanied the thought of being with Caleb, alone and naked and free. Free to indulge his every whim and fantasy. “Who says I ever stopped?”

“Same,” Caleb said with a little grunt, launching Will from his chair at last. They stood, face to face in the small space next to Will’s chair, faces aglow from the Christmas lights wound round the window, close enough to kiss. Will felt the surge of anticipation that had been building all night spike and, leaning forward, pecked Caleb on the cheek, finding it warm and soft against his full, gentle lips.

Caleb let out a soft, approving murmur as Will grabbed his hand. Their fingers laced, warm and trembling, as they drifted toward the front door of the Farm Foods Café, as charming, quaint, and cozy now as when they’d entered seemingly hours ago. They paused at the door, instinctively turning toward the small-beaded curtain that led to the kitchen. Behind it, Glenda glanced up, beaming a smile and waving merrily as she stood from the small service table where she’d been folding silverware into thick, black napkins.

“Merry Christmas, y’all! It’s been a pleasure.”

They wished her the same, drifting through the door and imagining the scene when Glenda went to bus the table and found the stack of bills they’d left her for the tip, despite her earlier protests.

A very merry Christmas, indeed!

The sky had turned dark while they ate, illuminating the gaily decorated shops, eateries, stores, and cafes lining the deserted strip outside Farm Foods. The almost futuristic ATV was the only vehicle on the street, making them feel like the last two lovers alive. The air was still and unseasonably warm given the late December date, making Will smile to think how the temperature might assist the gift he had waiting back on the farm.

“What’s that look for?” Caleb murmured, sliding into the passenger seat.

“What? Can’t a guy be jolly on Christmas Eve?”

Caleb watched as Will slid into the driver’s seat and slid the key in the ignition. It came to life with a gentle purr, idling quietly in the parking space along Main Street. “I’m not sure I’d call that smile, Jolly Will.”

As the smooth, high-tech engine roared to life, Will beamed. “I guess we’ll find out when I get you home, Sexy.”

“Promises, promises,” Caleb murmured, subtly inching closer as Will backed out and eased the all-terrain vehicle into “drive,” cruising north through the quaint shopping district. “Speaking of, aren’t we heading in the wrong direction?”

Caleb was close enough for Will to nudge his hip as they cruised, slowly, up the street. “Do you feel good right now?”

Caleb seemed to vaguely melt into the leather bench seat behind him. “Better than good!”

Will nodded, fiddling with the digital dashboard in front of him until he found what he was looking for on the satellite radio linked to the ATV’s elaborate sound system. As smooth jazz Christmas music began oozing gently from the speakers all around them, he nudged Caleb again. “So let’s wrap up date night with some Christmas lights, huh?”

Caleb practically melted into Will’s side, making it as hard to concentrate as it was to drive. “How romantic,” he murmured, without the usual healthy dose of irony that was part and parcel of Caleb’s smartass personality.

“I mean, date night, right? Why not do it up in style?”

“Love that,” Caleb murmured, their bodies as warm as the silken night air around them. “Love this…”

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