The Arrangement

The Arrangement

The hottest A-list couple in Hollywood, Julianne De Rossi and Blake Quinn, are young, talented, gorgeous, and in love. But, are they really? Blake is lusted after by the entire female population, but he is really into men.

And Julianne, stunning and voluptuous, every man’s dream, is a man crazy hot-blooded woman. Julianne has needs and wants and must look to satisfy her urges wherever she can find it, discreetly. Can she be happy with only being a sexual toy for the hottest men in Hollywood? Will her arrangement with Blake Quinn interfere with her deepest yearning for a boyfriend of her own? Will she find a man to love her for whom she really is?

How long can Blake lie about who he is? Will he be satisfied with the random and anonymous sex easily found in Hollywood?

How long can they keep up the façade, or will they break “The Arrangement?”

♥♥♥♥ Red-Hot Romance

47,322 words

MF ( MFF – Voyeurism)

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The day finally came when Julianne and Blake could be seen in public. After two weeks the scandal had not died. It was not as intense, but it still ran on the entertainment sites, tabloids, and on the entertainment TV shows. Ryan Levi had emerged but he was staying mute on the subject. He had been seen in public with his girlfriend, Hailey, and their relationship appeared solid.

Blake flew straight to Los Angeles from Peru solely for the purpose of being seen with Julianne. The numbers of the paparazzi camped out in front of Blake’s home had not diminished, but their eagerness had. Still Blake could not go back to his home. From Los Angeles International Airport, Blake was to be driven directly to Griffith Park where he was to meet up with Julianne. Lauren had arranged for Blake to be allowed to use the private exits at LAX.

Sophia drove Julianne and Whiskers to Griffith Park where Blake was waiting behind the wheel of a rented Jeep. The Jeep was parked in an unoccupied parking lot surrounded by luscious brush. The Jeep had the top off, giving an unobstructed view. Julianne climbed into the passenger’s seat and Whiskers occupied the backseat. They embraced for an extended time.

Sophia remained in her MG Midget and turned off the engine. She looked off toward the bushes. “I think he’s almost ready.”

The actors relaxed in the Jeep as if they had been parked for a while.

“I’m sorry I put you through all this, Blake,” Julianne whispered.

“Oh, forget it. At least you got laid.”

“No, I got thoroughly fucked.” She smirked.

“You look—”

“Full?” She read his mind. She chuckled. “I have been eating Sophia’s food for two weeks and haven’t been able to workout!”

Blake repositioned himself in the seat of the Jeep. “Should I go for reflective or in love?”

Julianne giggled. “Go for inconvenienced.”

“It’s not that bad. I’ve got to turn back to LAX and fly onto Tucson after we’re done here. At least I’m in a private plane.”

Sophia started her car. “He’s ready.” She floored the gas and sped out of the parking lot. She honked as she drove by a utility building. Then instantly a long lens camera emerged from behind the building.

“We’re on,” Blake said to Julianne.

“Should we play it out? Is that easier for you?”

“Yeah, we might as well have some fun.” He stroked her cheek. “Cary Grant and Randolph Scott?”

“Yes, I couldn’t believe they were lovers until you told me! And it’s definitely true because we Googled them!”

He looked into her eyes. “I forgive you, Cary, for fucking around with that whore Joan Crawford. You’re just such a hot stud!”

She laughed. “Don’t make me laugh! I can’t do sexy if you’re making me laugh.” She composed herself.

He continued, “I love you no matter what. I’ll be here for you forever.”

She sensed he was going into a solemn place as he forced himself into character. “I hope you find a love like that, Blake.” Her eyes filled with tears.

“I can stand anything if you are by my side, Cary,” he whispered.

His eyes filled with tears. He held her face in his big hands and kissed her so intensely it took her breath away. She froze for a second before remembering what they were there for, remembering the task at hand. She let herself go into the kiss. They both had tears streaming from their eyes. She knew he was lost, in his mind kissing a man. A man he had not yet met. She tried to kiss him back with the same intensity but he was a much better actor than she was, she realized. His hands dropped and brushed up against her chest. His body instantly tensed up.

He opened his eyes and she could see that he was coming back to her in the Jeep. “You okay, Blake?”

“Fuck. Sorry, I guess I got into it.” He composed himself and looked in the direction of the photographer. “Do you think that’s enough?”

“I do. Unless you want to give him a shot of that hard-on.” She smirked.

“What?” He looked at his crotch. “Oh shit! I didn’t mean to…”

She laughed because Blake was rarely embarrassed. “Oh, don’t worry. I know it has nothing to do with me. Should I grab it? Is that too much?”

He laughed heartily. “Yes, that’s too much!”

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