Happy Release Day to H.T. Miles with Sexual Redemption

Sexual Redemption by H.T. MilesHappy release day to H.T. Miles with Sexual Redemption. This is the 3rd book in H.T.Miles’ X-rated Erotica series – Living With Past Sins. The story follows a wife, who goes to great lengths to win her husband’s love once more.

If you made a mistake in your marriage, how far would you go to right that wrong?

Follow a woman that goes from being a self-centered career “Alpha woman” to that of “another person.” Watch as she loses her way and neglects her family with tragic results.

This is the story of how far she went to right that wrong. So far in fact, she became a different person, from being the center of attention of two men, to sharing her man sexually with other women. Follow the heroine through her sexual decadence, the tragic consequences of her actions, and her long hard climb back into the arms of her family. Marvel at the lengths the heroine goes to mediate her guilt, care for her family, and show love to the husband she wronged as she finds out that sex with love produces far greater thrills than meaningless “convention sex” for her.

Reader Advisory: This story is for mature readers only, containing highly descriptive scenes of sexual activity between consenting adults in various combinations.

Available from all good distributors and Luminosity HERE

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