NEW RELEASE: Spanking Lady Willow by Shady Grace

NEW RELEASE: Spanking Lady Willow by Shady Grace

Happy release day to Shady Grace with her wonderful short story, Spanking Lady Willow. A truly fun adventure in the BDSM world.

How do you celebrate a divorce? Join a sex club!

Sasha Borden is two weeks away from being a free woman, and free she certainly wants to be. What better way to rejoice her new life than joining an underground sex club, where strangers meet for a night of flesh-filled fantasy?

At Sinful Epiphany any and every wish can be fulfilled while identities are always kept secret. As Sasha embarks on her naughty rendezvous with a stranger, one night of stripped inhibitions could lead to sexual euphoria, or something even more sinful . . .

PUBLISHER NOTE: Erotic M/F BDSM, Short Story. 11,300 words.

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