Under the Hood

Under the Hood

Andi Thomas has a problem. These days her boyfriend seems distant, and selfish in the bedroom. Add on the fact that he doesn’t respect her job as a mechanic because she’s a woman. To make matters worse, a gorgeous stranger moves in next door, and he’s everything her boyfriend isn’t. What’s a woman to do when she’s had enough?

When Darren Holloway discovers the fiery vixen next door is the very person he’s been looking for, he’s caught between his need to strike a business deal, and the immediate urge to have her. He finds himself falling for Andi fast . . . and finding interesting ways to convince the beautiful grease monkey that he’s the one thing she’ll never have to fix.

PUBLISHER NOTE: M/F Erotic Contemporary Romance. Short Story. 11,700 words.

♥♥♥♥ Red-Hot Romance

M/F Romance

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Andi stood dumbfounded in the steamy room, her gaze locked on a naked man behind the blurry shower curtain. Although she remembered giving another tenant heck for spying on men in such a situation—she suddenly understood the temptation. As she admired the exquisite cut of sinewy muscle, bronzed skin, and his graceful movements, hot moisture of arousal—hotter than the steam rising up and out from behind that shower curtain—formed between her legs. Being caught ogling his sexy body might be an offense punishable by law, but she couldn’t think of one reason why it wouldn’t be worth it.

“I was wondering when you’d show up.” His voice lingered like a wet caress in the room.

She shivered involuntarily as a hot blush—not caused by the steam—worked its way into her cheeks. Andi could swear she recognized the voice of the man but couldn’t be sure, and she was still pissed off enough about her foot not to care.

The riveting sight of this man working the washcloth all over his honed body definitely wasn’t helping her sexual matters. She could honestly jump in there with him and simply beg for him to help her achieve an orgasm, then kindly allow him to go on his way and forget about her.

Her gaze drifted up and down a dozen times as she watched his graceful movements, the water spraying over him, washing away the dirt from a night’s work, or maybe the sweat and bodily fluids caused by a night of ravishing some lucky woman.

She shuddered from the thought of being the one he mounted, their bodies slapping and bucking against each other.

Those wicked images disappeared into something else when the fragrance of vanilla-scented soap enveloped her, consumed her. A new vision came to life, one of her neighbor—and of her working the soap over his body until her hands came into contact with his cock . . .

“You might as well pass me a towel. I wasn’t expecting you so early. Horny little thing, aren’t you?”

Andi didn’t have time to react to his outrageous comment before a big hand reached around the shower curtain as if to grab her. She jerked back, rushed over to the bench, grabbed the only towel that was sitting out, and threw it in the direction of his hand.

Torrid thoughts of grasping his wet ass cheeks through the curtain taunted her to be a bad girl, to forget propriety and her reputation.

He moved the towel down inch by agonizing inch.

She watched . . . mouth agape . . . lips dry.

It was madness. She should leave, but she stood there, glued to the floor. Her gaze moved with the motion of his towel as he dried his crotch. Andi swallowed, completely fixated on his cock. The steam in the room seemed overwhelming. Yes, that must be it. The steam. She wiped a hand over her brow and took several deep breaths.

“Would you like to join me?”

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