Stiff Discipline

Stiff Discipline

Not all parties are equal.

Angie Henderson has landed her dream job as a security guard at the underground adult playground known as The Dungeon.

Crammed full of temptation, irresistible forces within The Dungeon draw her toward the clients’ naked pleasures.

Indulgence is strictly forbidden by her employers, but Angie and her fellow guards find ways to play, and when the opportunity for some overtime arises, Angie jumps at the chance . . . straight into trouble.

READER ADVISORY: Contains nudity. And threesomes, guys with guys and girls with girls. You know what to expect by now.

PUBLISHER NOTE: M/M oral, M/F sex, public sex Threesome, M/M+F, ménage. 19,900 words.

♥♥♥♥♥ X-Rated Erotica

Multiple Partners

The Dungeon – Book 4


We finished Friday by supervising a four-couple swinger’s orgy, trying to keep track of who’d already had sex with whom. After fifteen minutes, I’d completely forgotten which women were married to which men. As we watched the action, a guy moved in between us, sliding an arm around each of our waists.

“Hot stuff, huh, ladies?”

“Do you know the rules about touching without consent?” I asked.

“Hey, I was only being friendly!” He raised both hands and stepped back.

“Take it elsewhere,” I advised him.

“Hey . . .” Diana reached for my hand. “What’s with the attitude? We’re supposed to be nice to the customers. I’m sorry, sir,” she added over her shoulder.

“Yeah, well . . .” he murmured. “You’re right, I guess. You guys are both working. I just . . . enjoyed being close to you.”

“Come back here.” Diana beckoned to the guy. He smiled awkwardly, and I felt bad for pushing him away. Mid-thirties and fit, he’d be a good catch in any nightclub or bar.

“My colleague was right about the rules,” Diana reminded him. “We’re not permitted to fraternize with the guests.” He didn’t reply, grunting softly instead. I only half-listened as she continued to remind our new friend about the rules, preferring to watch the action instead. Oddly, Diana rocked from side to side as she continued.

“We’d be in real trouble if our bosses caught us.”

Uhh . . . huhhh . . .” he groaned quietly.

“And we’d definitely never engage in any kind of sexual activity with you.”

“Fuck . . . I get it . . .”

 “So, don’t even think . . . of asking . . .”

“No. No . . . I mean, yes. No . . . uhhh . . . fuck . . .” He shuddered heavily against my arm, and I turned in time to see thick drops of cum flying from my friend’s rapidly moving hand.

“Diana!” I hissed. “What the—”

“I’m helping a customer.”

“You weren’t supposed to . . .” I stared at her before a smile spread across my face. “You know what? I apologize, sir, for my rude behavior.”

He grinned as the final drops of cum were squeezed from his cock. “Your friend was ruder . . . and I loved it. Thank you . . . Diana, was it?”

“Happy to help. Now, put yourself away before I get fired.”

“Sure.” He busied himself with his semi-hard cock. “Maybe we could do this again some other time?”

“We’re not permitted to fraternize with the guests,” Diana reminded him.

“Of course, sure.” He backed away, still grinning. “Sorry. Shouldn’t have asked.”

“Don’t let it happen again.”

“I won’t.”

“That was so hot,” I whispered to Diana.

“I don’t know why I did it.”

“You mean you don’t know what came over you?”

“Oh, that I do know.” She raised a sticky hand and moved it toward my face. I squealed and backed away, leaving her to laugh at me.

“I thought you liked this stuff?”

“I thought you didn’t trust guys?”

“He didn’t have time to hurt me.”

“Because you were in control.”

“Yeah . . .” She frowned and then brightened. “I was, wasn’t I?”

“Maybe that’s your answer. Take charge and keep them on the back foot.”

“Dominate the guy?”

“If that’s what it takes, yes.”

“Interesting theory.”

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