Soft Pleasures

Soft Pleasures

What goes on in The Dungeon, stays in The Dungeon.

Angie Henderson has landed her dream job as a security guard at the underground adult playground known as The Dungeon.

The Dungeon is crammed full of temptation, and irresistible forces draw her toward the clients’ naked pleasures.

But indulgence is forbidden by her employers, with severe punishment for transgressors.

But Angie and her fellow guards inevitably find ways to play . . .

READER ADVISORY: Contains nudity. And orgies, threesomes, foursomes, guys with guys and girls with girls. Whew. *Fans self*

17,000 words.

♥♥♥♥ Red-Hot Romance

M/F/M Romance

The Dungeon – Book 3


Two grinning and naked gay men stood within reach of my eager hands.

“Such a shame these are going to waste,” I said wistfully.

“Why would they?” one of them asked.

“Because you only have eyes for each other.”

“Who told you that?” he asked.

“You’re gay… aren’t you?”

“I’m not,” the younger of the two said. “I’m bisexual.”

“Actually,” the other one added. “So am I.”

I looked at each of them in turn. “So, you’d both . . . want me?”

“In a heartbeat.”

“Guys? Get these pants off me now!”

They wasted no time. The moment I’d unbuttoned the shorts, four strong hands tugged them down my legs and past my boots. My panties followed a heartbeat later, to land on the floor as well. I gasped as my legs were pushed to near-vertical, and a strong thumb began to stroke my slippery lips.

“Now, please fuck me.”

He did as he was told, good boy. He slid into me in a single stroke, pushing deep, but not too quickly for me to accommodate his length. I seized his upper arms and pulled him tight against my body. When I lifted my head, our lips mashed together; our tongues danced, and my head spun. But his vigorous fucking broke our contact, and I let my head fall back, crying out with every incredible thrust.

“Tag team!” Aaron playfully bumped his shoulder against Mark’s. My lover pulled out, making me whimper, and Aaron moved in. He slid into me, pushing until his body pressed against mine. My body shivered, and a primal whimper escaped my throat.

Heat burned across my chest and through my pelvis. A delicious muscle spasm gripped me, and I cried out, trying to curl into a ball, but he hugged my upraised legs, trapping me in place.

“My turn, man.” Mark pushed Aaron’s shoulder, edging his way back between my legs. Mark quickly took his place, slipping into me and hugging my legs. He plunged deep, slamming his body against mine. My squeak of surprise echoed around the room, but when he resumed fucking in earnest, my voice deepened to a long and primal groan.

My orgasm hit me like a train; Mark’s hips bucked, and heat spread through my lower body as he squirted out his cum. I reached up to stroke his cheek as he shuddered several times, deep bucking reactions to the final throes of his orgasm. With his face a perfect picture of bliss, he folded over to lie on top of me.

I threw my arms around him and kissed his cheek, mixing my perspiration with his. He whimpered and moaned as his chest heaved massively, clawing at the mattress until the convulsions died down.

Once Mark withdrew, I dropped my legs and let the momentum pull me upright. But for some reason, my knees wouldn’t support me, and I was forced to sit on the edge of the mattress . . . or collapse into a trembling heap.

“Where are my clothes?” I blinked heavily.

“Ah, the mantra of the unashamed slut.” Diana smirked.

“Oh.” I squinted at the crumpled material on the floor. “There they are.”

“I’d recommend you stop having sex if it messes up your brain so much.”

“Yeah, that’s gonna happen . . .” I struggled into my underwear while everybody watched.

At last, I was decent. I said my goodbyes to Aaron and Mark — in the form of kisses — as we headed for the door.

“See you again sometime?” Aaron asked hopefully.

“In this place?” I replied. “Anything’s possible.”

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