Firm Hands

Firm Hands

Angie Henderson has landed her dream job as a security guard at The Dungeon, the low-key underground adult playground.

The Dungeon is crammed full of temptation, and an irresistible force pulls her toward the naked pleasures enjoyed by the clients. Indulgence is something her new employers have forbidden to her. Female security guards may assist clients, and monitor their activities, but must never cross the line and become involved.

But when Angie offers to show another colleague the delights of voyeurism, it triggers a series of events beyond either of their control. If they are caught breaking the rules, their jobs are forfeit.

PUBLISHER NOTE: Contains scenes of a sexual nature, including orgies, foursomes, M/F/M/F/M, lesbian F/F. 16,247 words.

♥♥♥♥ X-Rated Erotica

16,247 words (47 pages)


The Dungeon was filling up by now, and three-quarters of the rooms I checked were locked. Of the remainder, half were occupied. Not every room held a treat for the eyes, however. Catching a couple, or a group in full swing was mainly down to good timing.

The first open door revealed a couple who were doing nothing more than kissing. They weren’t sweaty, so I presumed they had only just arrived. It would have been rude to watch, and I might have put them off, so I moved on. The next room was the opposite problem. A man and two women were adjusting their towels and preparing to head back to the bar. I’d missed everything, dammit!

However, I struck it lucky with the next one. Two women were laid on their backs across the mattress, but top-to-toe. Their legs were held high by the men who were fucking them vigorously, and both women were crying out in time to the thrusting. I swear the guys had synchronized their hip movements because the women were moaning alternately.

“Uh … uh … uh … uh … uh … uh…”

One guy noticed me standing in the doorway and beckoned me inside. After a momentary hesitation, I stepped in and let the door swing closed. That was when the other guy noticed me. The pair grinned as they continued to thrust, and I became mesmerized by the way the closest guy’s buttocks dished each time he thrust forward. He was muscular, and a faint sheen of sweat coated his naked body. His biceps bulged as he held his partner’s ankles high, lifting her to the perfect height for penetration.

“And three … and two … and one…” he sang. Both guys pulled out, then walked around the platform to grasp the women’s ankles before their legs had time to fall. Condom-clad erections were positioned, and slid from sight, engulfed by the women’s moist and pliant lips. I caught my lower lip between my teeth as my nerves reminded me exactly how those women would be feeling at that instant.


A sympathetic ache tweaked my vaginal muscles, a need to be touched in the same way. Even though I’d been gangbanged less than twenty-four hours before, my body was already crying out for more. I knew the right thing to do was to resist the impulse and turn away. But the regular cries of the two women mesmerized me. The guys had found their rhythm, and alternating cries filled the room, and my ears.

“Uh … uh … uh … uh … uh … uh…” My breathing synchronized with theirs; my throat tightened each time they moaned. My nipples hardened, and heat flushed my crotch. I needed what they were getting. I needed it now. I started to compare the guys, who were both muscled and fit. I wondered who I should ask first. Maybe I ought to keep it general and see who wanted me.

The women seemed content to share their men—assuming they knew them at all—so I was hoping they wouldn’t mind me joining in. I needed this. I’d left Diana to have her fun, so why shouldn’t I get some time to indulge myself?

I realized I was groaning out every breath. My chest was tight as I inhaled and every muscle was tensed to breaking point.

“Uh … uh … uh … uh … uh … uh…” As the women sang their alternating song, heat burned through me. I could barely stand the feel of my uniform. I wanted to peel it off and declare my desperation. I wanted to be thrown down on the mattress and taken from behind. I needed to be filled, to be stretched and used, to be fucked.


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