Away With Him

Away With Him

Inside their little bubble, newly engaged, Nia Kelly and Derek Pierce are blissfully happy. Their passion reaches new heights as they explore each other in sensual, wicked ways.

Unfortunately, the rest of the world has not received the memo. They are hit with a barrage of attacks from Nia’s past and Derek’s pressure-filled Hollywood career. Their happiness and future are in peril at every turn.

Derek is steadfast in his commitment to Nia. No matter what, he will never let go. Nia is his and Derek is hers—they belong together.

Nia prays their love is enough. With everything she has, she holds on and vows not to run away. It’s a promise she hopes she can keep..

Publisher note: This is Book 2 in the Swept Away trilogy. Each is a continuation of the story, and should be read in the numbered order.

♥♥♥♥ Red-Hot Romance

MF monogamous, spanking, anal play

64,256 words

Swept Away 2

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My God, since the first sexy text, I’d been in sheer agony anticipating the feel of Derek’s hands on me. Thursday night he was ruthless, describing in explicit detail every way he wanted to take me this weekend. When I texted him I was so horny I’d have to tend to myself, he said if I did, he’d spank me until my bottom glowed. That just turned me on more. In my efforts to be good, I did all my homework for my online Statistics 2 course, but made the mistake of rereading his text messages right before bed. I totally caved. It did nothing to quell the aching need between my legs. I was a bad girl who craved her punishment.

I paced in the hallway and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I loved the feel of the silky, black robe against my skin. Well, fuck. I was almost sexy. I ran my fingers over the bustie’. It was like magic. It nearly gave me a cleavage. My hands floated over my waist, toward my sex. Do I dare?

“Nia, I’m home.”

I jumped and composed myself.

Every cell in my body sizzled as his footsteps bounded up the stairs.

He stood before me with desire flaring in his eyes. The air radiated with our smoldering connection. It was an indescribable, mind-blowing force of nature. With just one look, we were lost in each other, lost to one another.

My pulse spiked as Derek’s gaze drank me in. “You look fucking amazing. Come here.”

Wobbly legs carried me to him and he fused our bodies together. I offered him my mouth and he took it—hard. Our needy murmurs and moans echoed in the hallway. The ache between my legs grew to an anguishing, wet throb.

He backed me into the wall. “Turn around.”

I faced the wall. He slipped off my silk robe and tossed it aside. His arms snaked around my waist and clutched me to him. He brushed my hair to one side, leaving my neck free for the taking. His fingertips ran along the curve followed by his lips. He inhaled. “Your scent makes me crazy. I can’t wait to be inside you. I bet there’s a greedy pussy waiting for me.”

His hand dove between my legs and discovered my saturated thong. “Your panties are wet.”

I pleaded. “Rip them off, please.”

Derek shredded them from my body. He dipped a finger inside my trembling need.

He whispered roughly. “Were you a good girl? Did you save all your pleasure for me?”

I succumbed to this thrusting finger and ignored his daunting query. “Oh, God, ah…ah, it feels so good.”

“Answer the question. And don’t lie to me.” He toyed and teased me with his hand. I didn’t want him to stop.

“I…ah fuck…I was a bad girl.”

His hand retreated and he spun me around. His eyes still blazed with lust, but a hint of playfulness danced on the corners of his mouth. “What did I say would happen if you pleasured yourself?”

I swallowed hard. “You would spank me.”

“And you did it anyway?”

I sucked my finger in my mouth and circled it on my wanton clit. “I did.”

Derek shook his head. “You’re so fucking bad.” With masterful agility, he tore off my bustie’, leaving me naked in heels. “Go ahead, turn around. You’re going to be punished.”

I did what he said, accepting my decadent fate. My palms flattened against the wall, I could hear the thud of my heartbeat.

What was happening? He wasn’t spanking me. His clothes hit the floor and then it grew quiet. I protruded my ass, yearning to feel the sharp, crack of his hand.

Finally, his fingers peeled back my outer lips. Maybe he was going to spank my pussy. I panted, craving more. Once again, his hand retreated. The length of his steely cock rubbed along my wet slit, taunting me. An influx of juices dribbled on his flirty fuck stick. He was playing with me. That was my real punishment. If it was another race to the finish line, I’d bet it all on me.

His hands perched on my hips as if he was waiting for the gunshot. His tip rested at my opening and plowed inside. I cried out at its rough entry. Derek was unabashed in his searing thrusts. My body zinged and zagged with his and longed for release. He was slaying my mischievous cunt with grueling force. My hands slipped. Derek caught me around the waist and slowed.

He coiled my hair around his hand and pulled me to him. “When I do spank your ass, it will be bright red if you come.”

He led me to the floor. I was on my hands and knees ready to receive the rest of my chastening. His hand flew to my engorged clit. There was no way I couldn’t come. A red ass was in my future. Hell yes! Bring it on!

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