The Progenitors

The Progenitors

Nadia is a city girl, accustomed to an easy life. But in the forest, she finds some things are harder…

When Nadia St. John applies for the position of secretary at an outdoor adventure center in New Hampshire, she has little idea of the activities that take place at the isolated lodge, or of its convoluted and bloody history. But the women of her family are inextricably involved, playing their part in keeping the peace between the three wolf packs by offering their bodies to the rival Alphas.

A mysterious package, delivered on a stormy night by a half-dressed boy, tantalizes her with clues about her past, and her family’s disappearance fifteen years ago. Will the self-styled Sean Ireland, center manager, protect her from her past, or force her to confront it?

And will she find the reason for her increasingly erotic dreams, where she stands in a wolf-infested forest, surrounded by naked men, all of whom seem intent on ravishing her?

Reader Advisory: This story contains accounts of women surrendering to handsome men in a forest. If you are offended by sex, men, or wolves, this could still be a fun read.

PUBLISHER NOTE: Continuing storyline throughout the series, with Happy for Now Endings.

♥♥♥♥♥ X-Rated Erotica

16,461 words (43 pages)

Menage, MF, Multiple Partners

The Wolves of New Hampshire 1


The dream was the same one I had every time the moon was full, except much, much clearer. I stood in an endless forest, wearing nothing but a nightdress and clutching my toy cat. I was warm, my skin glowing as if I’d recently stepped out of the shower. Dark forms circled me, low and barely visible. I felt no fear, only a growing excitement as my time approached. One of the shadowy figures rose from all-fours to stand upright, and then he moved toward me. A second shadow appeared behind him. It, too, approached me. A third followed. The closer they came, the more I could see of their clean-shaved faces. In the past, their features had been indistinct, a blur I had to fill in with my imagination. Not tonight. The first face was square, his jaw lightly stubbled. His hair was dark but streaked with gray. His mouth hinted at a smile, and his eyes sparkled even in this dark place. Shadows hid most of his body from my gaze, but I could sense he was naked. He gazed down at me, almost a full head taller than I was.

“Nadia…” he whispered. I nodded, then swallowed. I knew what was going to happen because it had already happened a hundred times in my dreams. He stepped up to my right arm. His companions, with hair as dark, and eyes equally entrancing, took my left side. The pair turned to face the low, shadowy shapes, which had stopped to watch us.

“Tonight,” the first man called to them, “we celebrate Nadia! And the Sammenføjning!” My arms were lifted high; my nightdress slid easily upward, exposing my naked body to the surrounding shadows. I half-expected cheers at the sight, but the forest remained silent. My toy cat was plucked from my upraised hand, and I felt a sting at its loss. It had been my comfort for five years, my friend. It had listened patiently to my pain and knew all my secrets. And it held two in particular that I didn’t want to share with anyone. When it landed on its side at my feet, I was torn between retrieving it and shielding my breasts and crotch from the hungry eyes.

The second man saw my indecision and leaned close. His breath warmed my ear as he brushed my hair aside.

“You have no need of toys, Nadia. You’ve stepped into a world full of new sensation.” His fingertips trailed along my forearm, raising goose bumps. When he found my wrist, he eased my arm away from my chest, exposing my breasts. The first man touched my other wrist and persuaded it to my side, leaving me naked and unprotected. The third man moved to stand behind me, and then placed his hands on my shoulders. Somehow, I remained unafraid. Strong hands turned me, and the three men moved in to press me gently between their bodies. Their skin was warm against mine. Hot, hard flesh pressed into my hips and my back. The men were erect and ready. As their hands rose to touch me, and their heads bent to kiss my throat and my neck, warmth rose between my legs, signaling my excitement. Strangely, they paused to scent the air, as if they could smell my spreading heat, my impending wetness. Their erections pressed into me, and I realized the truth of the second man’s words. I had no need of childish toys, the sort I’d used on myself since I was fifteen. Not with three men to pleasure me. They would be able to fulfill me in ways I had yet to imagine. When hands slid down my back to cup my buttocks, I released a long sigh and let my head fall back to expose my throat. Kisses trailed down my neck and onto my breasts. Fingers squeezed my soft flesh, and a strong tongue circled my nipple. Other fingers slid between my legs and became slick with moisture. I groaned as my knees softened, threatening to fail me. My body was alive with sensation, thrilling as it finally received the attention it had always craved. My fumbling efforts at masturbation had never really satisfied me, nor had any of the lovers I’d taken into my college bed. This, the very public seduction by three strong men, was what I craved. What would follow once the slick fingers and strong tongues had done their work, that was what I longed for. I reached down, my eyes tightly closed, and found one eager erection, then a second. I squeezed and was rewarded with groans. I stroked the hard flesh slowly, and their fingers worked harder inside me. The lapping tongue pressed more firmly against my nipples. Teeth nipped my buttocks. Eager heat warmed my thighs and muscles flexed deep inside, hungry for the sensation of invading masculine flesh. I wanted this; I needed this. I leaned forward, presenting myself to the first man. His fingers withdrew, leaving me empty but only for a moment. The unmistakable heat of his cock slipped between my cheeks, sliding across my moistened lips. I tensed in anticipation as he sought my opening. I wanted him inside me. I needed him to fill me, to complete me. His large hands spread my cheeks, opening me wider, exposing my wetness to the cool forest air. His cock nudged my opening, and he pressed it to me, a moment away from consummation. His hands were firm around my waist, holding me fast. I moaned quietly in anticipation.

“Tonight, Nadia, you become one of us,” someone whispered in my ear. “Tonight, you become part of our pack.”

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