Alien Emerging

Alien Emerging

Her friends are her greatest superpower.

Aurora Silvestre is the child of a human father and a TauCetean mother and until she succumbed to her alien DNA, was blessed with superior strength, intelligence, and lightning-fast reactions.

One year ago, Aurora finally conquered the aggressive alien DNA within her genome, leaving her as a normal human woman—mostly. Retaining her superior strength, and her ability to resist illness and pregnancy, she finally had a shot at a normal relationship with the handsome Aaron.

But her increasingly insatiable appetite for sex was becoming a cause for concern, and she was no closer to uncovering the reason. As much fun as it was to bed her fiancé and his identical twin brother on a regular basis, something was wrong.

Very wrong.

READER ADVISORY: If you are offended by a half-alien woman seducing men and being seduced by women while being engaged to be married . . . this might change your mind.

PUBLISHER NOTE: Erotic Contemporary MFM, FF encounters. 23,000 words

♥♥♥♥ Red-Hot Romance

M/F Romance

The Dark Horse Rides Again – Book 2


Jessie was already awake when I arrived home, cradling a steaming mug of coffee.  

“Morning, Aurora. Want one?” 

“Not for me.” I eased the mug from his hands and set it down. “I have a more pressing need.” I unfastened his pants and let them drop to his ankles. His erection pushed against the fabric of his shorts, and I did the decent thing and freed it. He was already hard, so there was no need for any oral warm-up. Instead, I pushed down my jeans and panties and kicked them aside. 

He stepped out of the crumpled pants, pushed down his shorts, and lay down on top of me. I sighed happily as his shaft rubbed against my clit, and indulged myself with a bit of hip-rocking to get myself nicely wet. 

“That feels so good,” he murmured into my ear. 

“I can’t wait to feel you inside me, filling me up with hard cock, squirting—oh . . .” Before I finished, he’d shifted his hips, taken aim, and slid the swollen head past my pussy lips. The glorious sensation of invading male flesh was top of my mind right now, and very soon I’d be slippery with warm cum, exactly what I needed right now.  

“You’re so tight around me,” Jessie groaned. 

“Mm-hm?” I rolled my hips slowly, squirming on the bed, and relished every second of the encounter as he slid deeper. Despite my urgent need to fuck, Jessie took his time, easing himself into my pussy as if he was determined to tease me and delay his climax for as long as possible. 

“That’s a good boy . . .” 

“I’m so hard for you, Aurora.” 

“I . . . know,” I replied as he thrust harder. “I can . . . feel it!” His pace picked up, reaching the point where our bodies slapped together, and he was knocking the breath from my lungs with every thrust.  

“Come for me, baby! Squirt that cum deep inside me.” 

“I’m close,” he warned.  

“I want to feel it inside me.”  

His fucking moved up another gear, and we slammed together, filling the room with slapping noises. Grunts escaped from his throat with every thrust, rising in pitch while his fucking came faster and faster. Overwhelmed by the feeling of his cock sliding in and out so quickly, I cried out, throwing my head back and yelling at the ceiling. 

“Fucking . . . love this! 

“Coming . . . UHH!” Jessie slammed against me half-a-dozen times, then stopped, pressing his body so hard against mine, it was as if he was trying to climb inside me. His cock pulsed and twitched inside my pussy; a delicious—and much needed—warmth spread through my pelvis. I laughed and cried at the same time, overjoyed and overwhelmed by the intense ripples of heat and muscle spasms.   

“Fucking . . . fuck!” I peppered every inch of his neck and shoulders with kisses.  

“Uh . . .” was all he said. His body pressed down on mine, pinning me to the bed. His hard cock continued to pulse, and when I rocked my hips, a deep shiver rippled through his body. 

“Do you want to rest now?” I asked. “Or are you ready to fuck again?” As I asked, I wondered what I was doing. I already had what I needed.  

“I could use a few minutes,” he confessed. His erection tickled me inside as it deflated. 

“Get some sleep.” I kissed his cheek. “We can have some more fun tonight.” 

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