Alien Awakened

Alien Awakened

The Luyten menace has gone underground.

Aurora Silvestre is the child of a human father and a TauCetean mother and until she succumbed to her alien DNA, was blessed with superior strength, intelligence, and lightning-fast reactions.

One year ago, Aurora finally conquered the aggressive alien DNA within her genome, leaving her as a normal human woman—mostly. She retained her superior strength, her ability to resist illness and pregnancy, and she finally had a shot at a normal relationship with the handsome Aaron.

Her lingering vulnerability to the alien Luyten pheromones and her increasingly insatiable appetite for sex were little cause for concern . . . weren’t they?

Surely these unrelated factors could never be an indication that her alien DNA was resurfacing.

Of course not.

READER ADVISORY: If you are offended by the idea of a half-alien woman seducing men and having intimate encounters with both men and women . . . this might very well change your mind.

PUBLISHER NOTE: Erotic Contemporary MFM, FF encounters. 26,000 words. All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

♥♥♥♥♥  X-Rated Erotica Romance


“I didn’t expect to find the place open so early,” the soft and familiar voice of my fiancée emerged from the doorway. I spun around to see my favorite silhouette stepping inside.

“How did you find . . . I mean, I thought you were . . .”

“You sound confused.” He smiled, running a hand through his blond hair.

“Actually, I’m happy you showed up.” I walked toward him, swinging my hips. “Really, really happy.”

With his face in shadow, I couldn’t be sure, but I thought he frowned. “Uh, why are you happy?”

“Because I need you,” I explained. “I want you.”

“Listen, you’re not—”

“Shh, baby.” I pressed my lips to his and kissed him hard.

He turned his head to the side, breaking our kiss. “You have to stop this, Aurora. I can’t—”

I seized his chin. “Don’t worry about anybody walking in on us.” I French-kissed him again, silencing his protests, but he continued to push against me. Had two sessions of lovemaking in one morning been too much for him? His stiffening cock told a different story.

“You want me, don’t you?” I squeezed the hard shaft.

“We can’t,” he said, seizing the opportunity to speak. “I’m not—”

“Oh, sweetheart . . .” I breathed gently on his face, hoping to drive away his reluctance, and his frown faded to softness; his open mouth closed. “You want me, don’t you?” I asked. When he caught his lower lip between his teeth and nodded, I led him over to one of the secluded booths in the back and sat him down, making sure his erection was free. It was the work of a moment to push down my pants so I could straddle him, and I sank down, whimpering as inch after glorious, delicious inch of cock slid into me, filling my aching and empty passage to bursting. All the earlier frustration melted away, leaving me with a deep sense of satisfaction, as if I’d been desperately hungry ever since Aaron left my bed, and finally—finally—I’d been allowed to eat. 

“Why did you resist?”

“I don’t deserve you. We shouldn’t—”

“Yes, we should. Put your hands on me, baby. My body is yours.”

“Your body,” he said in a sleepy tone, “not mine.”

“It’s our body, you beautiful man. You can use me whenever you want to, that’s a promise.”


“Absolutely. I love you, Mister Wright.”

“Such a beautiful body.” He reached up and squeezed my boobs through the blouse and bra.

“I want you so much,” I groaned, rolling my hips around. Part of me was impatient to ride him hard, but I wanted to savor the moment for as long as possible. I’d been aching for cock all morning, and now that I’d managed to get one inside me, I didn’t want to squander the opportunity.

In all the time we’d been sleeping together, I’d never used my alien abilities to seduce him. I’d wanted a willing bedfellow, not a quick lay, and Aaron proved to be an eager sexual partner, even when I’d exhausted him. But today’s desperation had made me act instinctively, to bypass any discussion so we could go straight to the third act.

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