Series title: Balls & Chains

Open series – anyone can submit at any time.

Sexual orientation: M/M or M/M/M+ Male-ménage only

Word count: 20-80k

Genre: BDSM Shifter series. Must have at least one shifter as the main character and at least 50% of the story must be set in the club called Balls & Chains. Refer to the club name several times throughout your story to emphasise the series (use italics). All characters should be 21+ years old. Stories should rely heavily on Domination and submission, Master/sub relationships, with detailed BDSM scenes. All consensual of course! Dominant shifters only, eg, no rabbits!
Welcome to Balls & Chains, a BDSM Club for gay men. Where humans walk, shifters are wary of treading in fear of their secret nature being found out. But cross the threshold, and they go into a world where alphas dominate and betas submit. In such a place, two worlds collide.

Terms: as per Luminosity. For details Click Here

Submissions: to Jennifer.denys (@)

Briefing for Balls & Chains series (this is for your information, so you don’t contradict the world building set down, but don’t feel you have to use all of it)

Background to BDSM club called Balls & Chains:

Set in an unnamed city in an unnamed country but presume it is the USA (the suggestion is New York because of reference to maples, oaks, and pines) where the club owner is Master Andy. This is to allow for flexibility. However, there is no reason why a franchise of this club could not open elsewhere in the world with a different club manager/owner.

Each club should have similar rooms which include a no-alcohol bar, a large room with a stage for demos and events such as auctions, the whip room for one couple at a time which has chains from ceiling behind a transparent wall so Master can use bullwhip in safety but out of bounds until they’ve been there six months. Also, a cross room with an upright cross in each corner and walls of floggers in between. A paddle room with varying spanking benches and cabinets of paddles. Plus, cloakroom for storing outside gear.

New members on arrival should go through orientation to introduce the rooms and equipment, and must also have a practical session to ascertain competence.

Collars are only worn 24/7 if in a romantic relationship. But subs may wear training collars or for role play.
Auctions – monies go to charity, for unattached subs only, subs must agree to a new contract.
Usual safe BDSM rules apply, e.g., safe, sane, consensual unless a bad/incompetent/ abusive Master is depicted as a baddie.

Other writers are welcome to use the character Master Andy from the 1st and 2nd book. Master Andy is the club owner and who is a former quarterback, jovial, well-liked, perceptive.

Background to shifter culture:

If your shifters are anything other than wolves, you can depict a different culture than outlined below. If your book is accepted, your shifter world will be added to this database.

Background to wolf-shifter culture:

  1. Silver irritates but doesn’t kill.
  2. Shifters take Wolfsbane pills which look like purple candies available from Chinese herbalists. In raw form, Wolfsbane is toxic to humans, but these pills allow shifters to keep their “Wolf” at bay. It is a myth that Wolfsbane kills shifters, but it can make them ill.
  3. A full moon is irrelevant but going into moonlight helps the shifter leave their human self behind.
    Must remove clothes on shifting to avoid tearing garments but can partially shift extremities such as face and hands. Can still talk with human voice while partially shifted.
  4. When finding a soulmate likely to experience electricity and light-headedness and smelling the scent of their mate.
  5. Most shifter communities live in the countryside, so few in cities.
  6. Shifters have more acute senses than humans.
  7. Alpha will want to claim their territory on arrival at the club, e.g., scent marking, scratch marks, etc.
  8. Shifters become immortal once they reach their twenties.
  9. Wolves have super healing powers.

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