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Taming His Pup


By H.C. Brown

When Ben Moon visits Club Depravity with his cousin and house sub, Jackson, he doesn’t know his quiet life is destined to change forever.

Shayd, the bad boy lead guitarist for the rock band, Alpha Rock is back in town. He looking for a nerdy twink to take to his dungeon and Ben is just what he craves. Using Jackson as his go-between, he seduces the vanilla nerd and trains him to become the sub he has always craved to collar.

Reader Advisory: Fasten your seatbelt for a ride on the wild side.

Red-Hot Romance

M/M, Anal sex, public exhibition, BDSM, Sex toys

18,583 words (46 pages)

This is the 3rd book in H.C. Brown’s wickedly decadent Gay BDSM series, Club Depravity

ISBN: 978-1-910397-89-3


Angular fragments of light flashed in the world of darkness behind the silk blindfold. The delicious scent of warm, musky male intoxicated Ben Moon, and sent a shiver of anticipation through his jaw. He pulled at the soft leather strands securing his hands to the headboard, and pushed his throbbing cock toward the Dom pinning him to the bed with his muscular body. The man’s nipple rings grazed his aroused flesh sensitized by every movement over his body. A moan of needy desperation garbled in his throat under the fragrance of exotic male and wild leather, coaxing him to the edge of climax. Pleasure-pain scored a path over his flogged buttocks, but he wanted so much more. He wanted this man, over him, under him, in him.

He wet his lips and ground his hips against the thick cock pressing hard against his thigh. The Dom’s second-skin leather pants hid nothing of the size of the prize he craved to taste. A deep chuckle rumbled in his Dom’s chest. Peppermint breath caressed his face, and an inquisitive tongue traced a devastating path across his lips. He raised his chin to capture his elusive mouth. The need for his kiss tingled along every nerve ending and spiraled downward to curl around his balls. “Please. I can’t take any more.”

His Dom closed his hot mouth over one tingling flat nipple. His Dom used his teeth to torment the tender bud into a tiny peak before moving to the other. Ben arched into him wanting the pain.  Bite me. Please bite me. His Dom moved his damp flesh over his belly in a tantalizing slide. Trapped in darkness, he quivered at the unexpected touch of his warm hand palming him as if testing his arousal. A strand of his sleek hair brushed the fleshy crease between his belly and standing cock. His Dom teased the tip with the pad of one thumb circling over the dewy slit. He gasped, hovering on the brink of orgasmic delight.

Professional Reviews (2)

5 SHOOTING STARS – Redz World Reviews
Taming His Pup is the third book in the Club Depravity series by author H.C. Brown. This is my first time reading this series. While I did feel I missed something, it did not interfere with my enjoyment of this particular story. Though made me want to read Jackson’s tale really badly!
Ben is submissive. He goes with his friend to Club Depravity and watches a certain Dom work on his subs. Ben works in a library and is generally a nerd. But one Dom is about to change all that. The Dom Ben thinks he can never have has suddenly decided he wants him and has come to stake his claim.

Shayd Blackraven is a base guitarist for the band Alpha Rock. He is a Dom, and is looking for a geek to dominate. Someone fresh and new to the scene. Someone just like Ben. I like his confidence. He is not afraid to say I love you, or to take what he wants. He also knows when to slow down and let Ben take the lead.

Over all this a great story the two men really do explore just how far they want to go with each other. What I liked is the level of love and trust they develop. I also liked getting to know the other players at Club Depravity. I will now have to go back and see what I have missed. I know I wanna know about Jackson he has to have a story next! I will be watching for it.

Review by Redz Redz World Reviews

4 STARS: You Gotta Read Reviews

This is another great read from H. C. Brown. It grabbed my attention right from the start and did not let go until the very end. Shayd is a good man and longs for something more and long term. Ben is just what he has been looking for and with a little help he hopes to get what he wants. Ben has no idea that the Dom of his dreams is actually out there and interested in him. When Jackson gives him a little push Ben decides to take the plunge. When will he ever get another chance at a love like this?

I am enjoying each of my visits to Club Depravity. Ben and Shayd are good men and make a great couple. I loved watching Ben open up and find what he is looking for. Shayd is a good Dom but also a good man and it was nice to see both sides of him as he wooed Ben. Watching the two work through their emotions and attraction made for a nice read. I cannot wait to see just what new adventure will take place at Club Depravity and who will find love next.

Review by Gabrielle You Gotta Read Reviews


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