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A Little Bit of Leather


By Jason Walker

By Invitation Only 2

Making a beautiful piece of furniture was much easier for Ronald than making a relationship work. That was until the right woman came into his life. A casual introduction to a beauty named Melinda could lead to a lifestyle so perfect for them both.

They have much to learn from each other, but together, will they discover that sometimes work and play go hand in hand?

Reader Advisory: A BDSM Romance, containing scenes of domination and submission, including exhibitionism, voyeurism, spanking, and bondage.

PUBLISHER NOTE: M/F (M/F/M, M/F/F/M), 53,195 words.

Red-Hot Romance

M/F, Domination/Submission, Oral, Anal

53,196 words (123 words)

By Invitation Only 3


“Master, you have admitted that you aren’t as experienced in the D/s lifestyle as others. That is really one reason I decided to get into this with you. Not to say anything out of place but I figure I can teach you. I can train you to be the best Master you can be, for me. Every Dominant has a different way of doing things, and every relationship they are involved in shapes them, and they carry that from one relationship to the next, both the good habits and the bad. Well, other than your already accepted nature you don’t have any bad habits to bring, and hopefully I can teach you some of the good ones. There is nothing cut and dried about any relationship. They are all dynamic, but at least this way I think I can head off any issues that I see before they become ingrained.”

She finished and looked anxious awaiting his reaction and response.

“So, what you are saying is that while I may be the Master and you the sub, I am actually the student and you are the teacher?”

“In a manner of speaking, yes.”

Melinda’s voice became soft, and she looked downward fearing that what she said might upset Ronald. It did not. Actually, Ronald liked the fact that she wanted to teach him how to be the best partner for her, and he knew that in the process, he could show her how to be the best partner for him. He reached out a hand and lifted her face to see her eyes.

“I like it. Most couples spend the first five or six years of their marriage trying to figure the other person out, you know. What they like and don’t like, and how to get them to please them. This way we are both free to just come right out and say it instead of being afraid of stepping on toes and such.”

Melinda brightened at Ronald’s understanding. “Yes, that’s it!”

“So, just so we are clear on this. If I do anything that you don’t like or makes you uncomfortable or you think I can do better, you are to tell me. Do not endure something and try to tell me later. I would hate to learn that I did something you didn’t like after the fact, and I promise I will do the same. I know we aren’t going to get it right for a while, and even after that, we both will make mistakes, but at least for the first while we can avoid making the little mistakes that turn into big things by talking about them when they happen.”

“It is all about communication. We can’t be afraid to talk to each other and express our wishes and desires.”

Ronald leaned forward and kissed Melinda in agreement to the deal.

“In that vein…”

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5 STARS: Manic Readers Reviews

Ronald is perfectly happy making fine furniture with little company except his neighbor. When said neighbor decides Ronald needs a woman, he introduces him to Melinda, a struggling artist. These two unlikely partners find themselves falling in love, as they launch a new company dedicated to making the best fetish furniture in the world. Ronald has no experience with BDSM, but he’s a fast learner. He starts his education by having Melinda show him each cross, spanking bench & a new idea of hers, the crab table, & how they work. It’s an easy progression from telling to showing, & then getting wholeheartedly into the scene.

I liked these two & the premise is fresh for a BDSM story. It doesn’t say so here, but this is the first in a series, as Ronald’s furniture is featured in later books, & he & Melinda also appear in a later book. Look for them all.



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