Passions Awakened

Passions Awakened

What happens at The Club, stays at The Club. Passers-by had no idea of the passion and kink going on behind the walls. Nor could they even guess the stories of the patrons within. The Club was defined by its clientele. It was much more than a place for naughty adventures and kinky sex.

What kind of people frequent a place such as this? How do such different people end up gathered together under one roof? The answers are far more complicated than just sex—as if sex were easy.

Reader Advisory: Contains scenes of domination and submission. Voyeurism and public exhibitionism.

PUBLISHER NOTE: Contemporary BDSM, M/F, M/F/M, M/F/F/M, 41,825 words

♥♥♥♥ Red-Hot Romance

BDSM, M/F, M/F/M, M/F/F/M, Domination/Submission, Oral, Anal, Voyeurism / Exhibitionism

41,825 words (102 pages)

By Invitation Only 3


She was curled against his chest as she spoke. “I’m sorr—I’m just used to feeling this way when I have done something wrong.”

Ronald loosened his grip and held her out at arm’s length until she looked at his face.

“That was then, this is now, Melinda. We both screwed up, and we both accept responsibility for our actions. It doesn’t mean I’m going to spank you for acting bad.”

“Aw, darn.”

Ronald laughed at her mock disappointment and reached out and popped her on the behind as they went into the house. “Don’t get impudent, young lady, or I will have to take this more seriously.” He leaned to smack her ass a second time. Melinda jumped out of the way but smiled wickedly back at Ronald as she moved toward the door. He had never really considered that his sexual nature was dominant but having done the research he had concluded that he was. Perhaps for that reason, combined with the teasing nature of her taunt, a flare burst in his mind and emotions. He also could see a need to reintroduce an expected action to her as both a lesson and a test. He reached and grabbed her arm before she could get inside the house.  She looked at him with shock and surprise. Ronald just grinned. It was a look she had not seen before and it intrigued her.


He did not answer. Pulling her toward him, he didn’t take her into a hug. Instead, he made a smooth movement to a nearby chair. Unexpectedly, he tugged her roughly toward his thighs as he sat, and she plopped across his lap face forward. Without words or warning, he pulled back his large hand and landed a sharp, loud smack on her upturned behind. She yelped. It hurt, but that wasn’t the reason for the burst of sound. It was so unanticipated yet very welcomed. As he drew back for a second strike, he spoke in a deep and authoritative tone.

“You shouldn’t tease me.” Pow! The strike that punctuated his statement was just as sharp as the first. “Never jump from a punishment or it will get much worse.” Three sharp slaps fell in succession against her jean-clad behind.

Melinda wiggled and moaned between barks of pain from the chastising. He could see that she was beginning to really enjoy the treatment. Moving her roughly, Ronald unbuttoned her jeans and tore them from her waist and down her thighs to expose her bottom. “Will you do that again, Melinda?”

She caught her breath but didn’t immediately answer.

“Not fast enough!” His large flat palm struck pink flesh again and she yelped.

“No! I won’t do it again, Sir!”

Ronald smiled. He knew her behind was stinging but he could also feel her writhing against his legs. “Will you accept your punishment?” This time, she purposefully didn’t answer quickly. “Not fast enough!” Another resounding slap landed on her now beet-red butt.

“Yes. I will accept any punishment.” Her response was breathy and thin.

He considered going further with his action but felt unsure. It was the uncertainty of not having discussed this possible scenario with her. He just wasn’t sure how far to push it.

Ronald laid his hand on her ass gently and rubbed in a large slow circle feeling the heat of her skin as she slowly stopped panting. “Sit up.”

Melinda rose from his lap but didn’t pull her pants back into position. She just stood still, jeans gathered around her knees, cheeks wet from tears, eyes averted but with an unapologetic smile on her face. He leaned forward and tugged the pants up and over her hips. She winced a little as they drug across the tender flesh of her ass before coming to her waist. Ronny stood, buttoned them, and then pulled her into his arms. She melted into his grasp.

They were silent for a long minute until he spoke. “Did I go too far?”

She could only muster a loud whisper, “No, Sir. Not at all.”

He could feel her nuzzle her face against his chest. She was smiling. He released her and kissed her forehead. “Now, weren’t you going to find us something to eat?”

Melinda nodded.

“Then go.”

She smiled, turned and went into the house.

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