Now on Sale: Soul Collector (Memoirs of a Male Succubus 1)

Now on Sale: Soul Collector (Memoirs of a Male Succubus 1)

Soul CollectorSoul Collector (Memoirs of a Male Succubus) by Annie Oakfield. An erotic mix of paranormal, fantasy and soul collector who prefers a little M/M M/F action. Will you be his next victim?

When a demon offers Samuel Driver a second chance at life, seducing men and women, Sam doesn’t hesitate.

Samuel Driver had been a thug, a thief, and a career criminal—until the moment he got killed. His violent escapades secured him a place in Hell, but his fighting spirit earned him a reprieve, and a chance to walk the Earth once again.

Contracted to become an Incubus—a seducer of women and reaper of their life forces—Sam did his best to fulfill his hellish contract, but after a string of failures, he faced a return to Hell and an eternity of suffering. But when he learned about double points—the unwritten rule that seducing men was more lucrative than seducing women—his prospects immediately brightened.

Armed with shape-shifting abilities, Sam quickly became a reaper of masculine energy and earned himself the unique title of Male Succubus, collector of souls.

Reader Beware: This story will plunge you into the depths of Hell and raise you to the Heavenly delights of gay sex. Better buckle up!

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