NEW RELEASE: Whispers in the Dark by Gabriella Swanson

NEW RELEASE: Whispers in the Dark by Gabriella Swanson

Science Fiction Romance, Whispers in the Dark is the latest release by Gabriella Swanson.

The deep northern hills are a far-stretching landscape where beautiful things can happen. They are a land where people can go to soothe themselves, create new, warm, and joyous memories, and they are country where one can find true and out-of-this-world love. They are also a mystical area where strange, unusual things sometimes happen, and where love-hungry beings driven by other-worldly instincts are heard to creep in and whisper to you after dark.

Denise Wheeler owns an old log cabin up in the northern hills, and after years of a dead-end marriage, she’s finally left her worthless husband to fulfill her life-long dream of writing a book, finding true love, and living out the life she’s longed to live. Her pursuit is the greatest decision she’s ever made.

Denise has never been happier, and things have never gone so well for her. But who, or what is it that keeps whispering in her ear after nightfall and carnally having their way with her? She hasn’t got a clue. That’s if it’s anyone at all? Is it someone new, someone she knows, or is it simply her imagination? She’d sure like to know.

PUBLISHER NOTE: Erotic Romance. Science Fiction. All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older. 39,700 words.

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