NEW RELEASE: Lust, Longing, Love by Julius Green

NEW RELEASE: Lust, Longing, Love by Julius Green

Happy release day to Julius Green, with Lust, Longing, Love, a gritty Contemporary Erotic Romance.

Accidental lust comes with the job. Being a masseur, Lucius enjoys day by day, with many encounters, both inside and outside the job. Everything changes when he goes on holiday. A work colleague’s friend introduces his sister, and instant chemistry begins. Traveling from place to place, where inevitably the concoction of lust and love manifests itself. The exploration of those two often contradictory emotions and the beautiful synthesis is a big part of the book.

READER ADVISORY: This Contemporary Erotic Romance contains lust and love in equal measure.  

PUBLISHER NOTE:  Gritty Contemporary Romance of 41,800 words.

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