New Release: I Want to be Beautiful by Jason Walker

New Release: I Want to be Beautiful by Jason Walker

Happy release day to Jason Walker with the 2nd book in his No Limits series, I Want to be Beautiful.

Caught in a web of secrecy, a young man desires to be who he was really meant to be, but he must discover his true self if he wants to be beautiful.

James stood in front of the full-length mirror. The lace felt rough yet smooth. The satin shimmered in the low light. The garter around his waist pulled the stockings tight and high up his thighs. The conflict of his emotions wrestled in his head. At once ashamed and excited, embarrassed yet aroused. He was twenty-two years old and still technically a virgin. This was largely by choice. He was a very handsome young man, nearly six feet tall, hazel eyes, slight yet toned physique, he had been presented with many opportunities, but he had not taken advantage of any. For him, the biggest obstacle had been what he looked at now. He so wanted to tell someone, anyone, but he always diverted the subject even when surrounded by his closest and most trusted friends.

Who will he trust to help him discover how to be his truly beautiful self?

READER ADVISORY: A Transgender Novel containing sexual scenes and the story of a young man who discovers he must change and adapt to be truly happy. It is more than his clothes, it is also his mind. Can a man in woman’s clothes find love? The answer might just be right in front of him.

PUBLISHER NOTE: MMF, MFF, MF, Sex Toys, Pegging, Spanking, Voyeurism. 42,175 words.

Available from Luminosity