NEW RELEASE: Caught! by Annie Oakfield

NEW RELEASE: Caught! by Annie Oakfield

Happy release day to Annie Oakfield with Caught!, the first in a new series called The Bucket List.

Be careful what you wish for, Lucy . . .

When mixed-race BFFs Amber and Lucy spend a wine-soaked evening compiling their list of ten erotic things to do before they die, the reserved Lucy never suspects that wildcat Amber has plans to bring some of their craziest sexual fantasies to life.

When Amber lures her friend to the bedroom section of a department store just as the shop is closing, Lucy has no inkling of what lies in store (pun intended).

Amber convinces her BFF that it’d be fun to have a quiet kiss and a cuddle in the biggest, softest bed. After all, she’s acquired the store keys, and no-one is around to stop them… or so Lucy thinks.

READER ADVISORY: Caution: You will never look at a bed store in the same way. Contains fluffy pillows and big, soft marshmallow beds. Oh, and some nudity.

PUBLISHER NOTE: A Bisexual BFF story of 17,000 words

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