NEW RELEASE: Apollo by TK Lawyer

NEW RELEASE: Apollo by TK Lawyer

Lauren was only an assignment. He wasn’t supposed to fall in love.

From her birth, Apollo watched over Lauren, witnessing all her milestones, and encouraging her through her pitfalls—all with a strong sense of pride.

Lauren is a survivor.

Sadly, she doesn’t want to live.

A drastic decision one day sets Lauren face to face with her own guardian angel—a being she never thought existed. But Apollo won’t leave her alone. He seeks a better life for her. Yet Lauren doesn’t welcome his advice. She considers them intrusions.

Still, she is hopelessly drawn to Apollo in ways she can’t explain. Apollo makes her feel alive when she was once dead inside. He is as necessary to her as the air she breathes.

Yet, he demands one thing—and one thing only—Lauren—forever by his side. Lauren is not sure if she can fulfill his desire.

Will Lauren take a chance on her angel when so many have failed her? Or will Apollo slip away, forever, lost to her world of misery and darkness?

PUBLISHER NOTE: Paranormal Romance. Angels and Demons. Rubenesque. 63,600 words. All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

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