NEW RELEASE: Aeron by TK Lawyer

NEW RELEASE: Aeron by TK Lawyer

Stuck in a loveless marriage, Kim wants out.

After more than ten years of dedication to her best friend, Tom has given up. Now Kim wants her freedom. Yet, Kim also craves a loving future with someone who feels the same—one day. Can true love exist after a decade of heartbreak?

Aeron hasn’t found his fated mate.

As a co-guardian and the leader and founder of the prestigious, voluntary group of angels called The Guardian League, he has little extra time to ponder his lack of luck. Still, over the past several centuries, he has imagined his perfect match—his elusive minx with a unique, balanced blend of fiery spirit plus a dash of nice topped with extra naughty.

Sadly, she exists only in fantasy. Until one day he walks into a line of customers after spotting her seated at a table beside her husband.

Aeron is disappointed. Yet Kim is unhappy, and Aeron can’t walk away.

Will Kim find the courage to end a painful, ongoing relationship for a possible future of happiness? Or will fear of losing her best friend close the door permanently for her?

PUBLISHER NOTE: Paranormal Romance. Angels and Demons. Rubenesque. 63,600 words. All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

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