NEW RELEASE: A Lifetime of Learning by Annie Oakfield

NEW RELEASE: A Lifetime of Learning by Annie Oakfield

Our latest release by Annie Oakfield is the last book in the Jet-Set Billionaires series, A Lifetime of Learning.

The mile-high club moves on to the Japanese islands.

When eighteen-year-old native girl Dian agrees to accompany billionaire Joseph van der Waals as he travels the world in his private jet, it seems like the chance of a lifetime to impoverished Dian — until she learns that Joseph prefers his employees to share his appetite for sexual experimentation.

As her time in Bangkok comes to an end, Joseph’s promise to provide his pilot with an assistant brings new and unforeseen possibilities into Dian’s life, as does their secluded and private island destination off the coast of Japan.

READER ADVISORY: The mile-high club has never been this crowded before. Five men and women promised body and soul to a billionaire. It could get messy.

PUBLISHER NOTE: M/F, F/F, intimacy, public exhibition, transgender sex, first-time sex.  19,000 words.

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