Trial by Fire

Trial by Fire

The forest is seriously hotting up

For the first twenty years of her life, Nadia St. John was an ordinary young woman, raised by her aunt, and educated at the New England College in New Hampshire.

But Nadia’s world is turned upside down when she learns the exclusive country club she works at is home to a pack of wolf-shifters, one of them being her uncle.

Quickly pulled into a politically-charged world of conflicted wolf-packs, Nadia is assailed with deadly premonitions and sibling subterfuge, while dangerous Trials determine which of the shifters are permitted to mate — with her.

Events are further complicated by an accidental sexual encounter with a young male shifter, throwing her future with the pack into serious doubt.

Reader Advisory: A Paranormal Romantic Suspense story containing accounts of women surrendering to handsome, naked men in a forest. If you are offended by sex, muscular men, nudity or wolves . . . read on. You’ll love what happens next.

PUBLISHER NOTE: M/F. (Polyamory). 22,300 words.

♥♥♥♥ Red-Hot Romance

The Wolves of New Hampshire – Book 4


When the morning sun touched my eyes, I remembered everything but regretted nothing. I lifted a hand to check Jamie was still spooned into my back and smiled when I found his bare hip. We’d done something everyone had forbidden, and yes, there would be consequences for our actions, but at that moment, I cared nothing for the future. If they threw us both out of the lodge, we’d still be together. If they did nothing, I’d have my whole life with Jamie.

I’d be naïve to imagine nothing would be said, but I wasn’t about to spoil my perfect mood by worrying. I felt marvelously relaxed and warmed throughout. What Jamie had done to me might be forbidden, but if I had my way, every girl should be allowed to feel as I did, all the time.

My fingers twitched as I fought the urge to tease him back into hardness. To enjoy more intimate fun sounded like the perfect way to begin the day, but I knew the contenders would be required to gather outside for an address by the alphas shortly after dawn. Besides, I needed to shower away the sticky evidence of our coupling. Thank god I was taking the pill now, or the consequences might have been . . . awkward.

With difficulty, I peeled my sticky thighs apart and squirmed out of the bed, leaving a groaning Jamie alone. My first steps were challenging, as my legs refused to work properly, but I soon got my rhythm and shuffled around in search of some clothes. Behind me, a naked Jamie rolled and stretched, and the early sun shone kindly upon his muscular form, highlighting his hard physique. A few days ago, he’d stood beside the older shifters, whose powerful bodies made him appear to be an under-developed waif. But now, he fairly bulged with muscles. Had three Trials matured him so much in so short a time?

“What are you staring at?” he asked with a grin. When he glanced down as his semi-swollen cock, I chuckled.

“It’s not what you’re thinking,” I said.

“Are you sure?” He raised an eyebrow and rolled to face me. I laughed and shook my head, turning my back on him, but when I bent over to retrieve my pants, he pressed himself against my butt.

“Hey! I almost fell over!” I dropped the pants and supported myself with my outspread hands.

“I’ve got you,” he insisted, clutching me by the waist. “More of the same?” he asked.

“We can’t, not now.”

“You’re bored with me already?”

“You ass. Let me up!” When he complied, I spun around and pressed myself against him. “You need to leave, preferably without anyone seeing you.”

“You’re ashamed of me?” He kissed my nose.

“You know the rules around here.”

“I don’t care about the stupid rules.”

“Neither do I, but everyone else does.”

“So what if they do?”

“We’re not supposed to be together. I’m supposed to save myself for the victors.”

“You have to leave before anyone notices you’re missing.”

“No one will ever know I’m here.” He bent to kiss me, and in a horrible slow-motion disaster-looming instant, the door swung open behind him. As his lips pressed against mine, Laura’s face appeared around the door, and her eyes widened in horror as she absorbed the naked and utterly forbidden tableau standing before her.

“Oh crap,” I whispered.

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