The Socialite

The Socialite

The beaches of North Carolina’s Outer Banks are pristine sandy stretches with low Atlantic waves on one side and soft flowing dunes on the other. For the residents of the region, life can be idyllic.

Troy Robbins needed a change, and he sought it there among the seagrasses and lighthouses. Upon meeting a beautiful woman, he soon realized that she needed a change as badly as he did and perhaps they could make those changes together.

The couple soon realize that sometimes, change can be difficult and painful but in the end, so very rewarding.

PUBLISHER NOTE: M/F Erotic Romance. Contains exhibitionism and flirtation between a handsome hero and curvy heroine. 21,219 words.

♥♥♥♥ Red-Hot Romance

M/F Romance

Libby Shores – Book 3

21,219 words (51 pages)


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“My name is Troy Robbins, and I just moved here a few weeks ago. I was wondering if you could tell me where things happen around here. I mean I haven’t even found the good bars yet!”

Troy ended with a laugh that only one of the three responded to. The third of the trio started to speak but was cut off by the sycophant.

“We aren’t your tour guides, dude. Maybe you should just keep running. You might catch a clue if you hurry.”

Troy kept smiling and noticed that the third looked embarrassed. She was actually the most attractive of the bunch. A little on the short side, she was curvy. The other two resembled broomsticks with ping pong balls taped to them. This one was built. Yes, she was bigger than the other two, but she still wore a bikini and to Troy looked very nice in it. Troy squatted to the sand and extended his hand to that girl.

“Like I said, my name is Troy, and you are?”

The third hesitantly extended her arm and shook his hand.

“Patricia, Patricia Dolan, but everyone calls me Patty.”

Troy knew the only people who called her Patty were these other two and he knew why. Troy had no time for rude people and great compassion for those they are rude to, so he motioned for Patricia to stand with him. She did so but kept a watchful eye on her companions and shied at their disapproval.

“Well, Patricia, would you walk with me for a while?”

Troy watched as she started to turn to look at the others.

“Patricia? I asked you, not them.”

Troy’s confident invitation elicited a smile from Patricia.

“Yes, I would love to.”

Patricia grabbed her towel and stuffed it into a large bag, and they started to walk up the beach. Just before getting out of earshot Patricia offered some parting words.

“Bye, Bitches.”

Troy laughed along with her as they moved onto the harder sand and started their stroll.

“Why do you hang around with them?”

Troy sensed that Patricia was a little embarrassed.

“I don’t know . . . We were roommates back in college . . . I just always have.”

“Well, I think you could do better than to hang out with people who treat you like crap, but hey, what do I know?”

“Yeah, they treat me like crap sometimes, but I think they like me.”

Troy knew better and felt that Patricia did too, but it was also apparent that it was a situation from which she felt couldn’t really extract herself.

“Well, Patricia, maybe we can both make some new friends! Is there a place around here we could get a drink?”

“Sure, up the beach there’s a place, but I will need to stop and change. They don’t let people in with bathing suits. You will be fine, but I am going to have to find a place to get out of this bikini.”

Troy raised an eyebrow at what Patricia had said and smiled as she blushed.

“Don’t worry. I know what you meant.”

They walked along and talked. Troy questioned Patricia about the town and the social life. She told him that there wasn’t much of a social life around the town during the off-season. The season ran from late spring through Labor Day. During the off-season, the few folks who lived here year-round just relaxed. They fished and sat around during the occasional sunny day. The younger folks would have parties or hang out at the beach. Occasionally they would go to one of the few open local bars, or they would go inland to a concert.

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