The Liar

The Liar

Sherriff Dave Lambert is a Dom out for revenge. Will Lane Britt submit willingly to his game?

Sherriff Dave Lambert is a Dom out for revenge on the woman who lied, ruining his life. With Lane back in town, Dave has devised the perfect plan for retaliation to get her on her knees. Despite his strategy, he never expects to feel an intense attraction for the woman he wants to destroy.

Small town USA is not ready to forget that the Britt girls are liars. Branded by their lies, Lane has come face-to-face with the man she secretly loved but ultimately destroyed. Lane knows she needs to fix the mess she made but saying “sorry” will not be good enough. Will she be willing to do everything Dave wants to make this right?

As a Dom, Dave prides himself on his ability to maintain control. When Lane walks back into his life, his control snaps. Will Lane submit willingly without love or will he have to break her heart too?

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of dominance and submission, including sex toys, a stubborn hero out to get revenge, and a feisty hero determined to win her man.

♥♥♥♥ Red-Hot Romance

43,840 words (108 pages)

BDSM, Anal sex, forced seduction, Bondage, spanking, flogging

Love’s Revenge 2

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Goosebumps echoed out over her skin. “Don’t you have a female officer who can do that?”


The single word shot out between them in the small room, making all the air leave Lane in a whoosh of surprise. The room felt suddenly too small as tension vibrated between them.

“I need your consent.”

“So, search me.”

Annoyance flickered within Dave’s eyes. She glanced at his shirt. For the first time, she saw that not only was there a “D” in front of his last name of Lambert. There was also a “J.” Dave wasn’t his first name. Suddenly, she was desperate to know, but she wasn’t about to ask.

Beneath that crisp dark navy uniform shirt, she could see that he was wearing his body armor. Ever so slowly, Lane removed her light summer sweater that was covering her shirt. She was wearing loose fitting boyfriend jeans that hid her extra curves. She’d put on some weight since she’d last seen Dave.

She had extra padding in her ass and breasts that she was embarrassed about. She wasn’t the skinny girl she once was in high school. Dave’s eyes zoomed over her body curves as though he were mentally searching her for hidden weapons.

Once she dropped her sweater to the table, exposing the fact that she hadn’t had time to put on a bra. Despite being a full C, her breasts were nearly a D and hung heavily behind her thin T-shirt.
“Turn around and put your palms on the table.”

Lane did as ordered, relieved at the fact that she was no longer face-to-face with Dave so that he couldn’t see her burning cheeks. Strong hands came over her hips, smoothing clinically down over her jean-clad legs. She closed her eyes as that strong hand came up the inside of her thighs and skimmed over her pussy.

She inwardly sighed, making every muscle in her body clench tight as those hands went back down the other leg. She glanced over her shoulder when Dave stood back up. “Get a good enough feel?”

A sharp warning echoed within his eyes that made her mouth button shut so fast she regretted the words that she couldn’t put back. What was she doing messing with a man she couldn’t control? Dave stood back up, towering over her at six-three. “Eyes forward.”

Reluctantly, she turned her head, again giving up all control to a man she’d lied about so many years before. Those insistent hands skimmed over her hips, abdomen, and breasts. She thought she felt his hands hesitate a second before they moved over her full breast, feeling the fact that her nipples were rock-hard from being played with.

Despite the cotton fabric between his hands and her skin, she could feel the roughness of his hard-working hands through that thin fabric. She closed her eyes as she tried not to feel the electric shock of having her nipples played with in almost three years. It had been way too long. She bit her lip as she tried not to shiver from his touch.

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