Jessica Blake, the entertainment reporter for a small Vegas newspaper, is aching to sink her teeth into a juicy story and become a serious journalist. With her career and sex life at a stalemate, she takes matters into her own hands and decides to go undercover as a submissive, eager to learn about the BDSM lifestyle. Armed with her curiosity of kink and the confidence that the article’s salacious nature will get her noticed, she takes a meeting with a Dominant. Her cover is immediately blown by Adam Maxwell, a Vegas casino mogul, and swoon-worthy bachelor.

While Adam is initially furious by Jessica’s scheme, he is also intrigued. He makes her an offer, tempting Jessica to take a walk with him on the wild side—no strings attached. She will get her story, and he will get her, to do with as he pleases, for as long as he likes.

PUBLISHER NOTE: This twisty, new BDSM Romance from Rosemary Willhide is full of suspense, angst, humor and dark temptations. Jess and Adam’s story can be read as a stand-alone or part of the Vegas Edge series. M/F, BDSM, Full-Length Novel of 75,780 words

♥♥♥♥ Red-Hot Romance

75,780 words (183 pages)

M/F, BDSM, Anal Sex, Sex Toys

Vegas Edge 1


I spanked a girl, and I liked it.

It was love at first smack when my bare hand made contact with a willing submissive’s round cheek on my inaugural evening at The Purple Peacock, a secret BDSM club.

I took to the lifestyle like a bee to sweet honey. In fact, I was so enthralled I became a silent partner in the club. The Purple Peacock gave my fellow kinksters and I a place to explore our fetishes and write our own rules. Safe, sane, consensual, and private was our motto.

The private part was my idea. It was an addition I demanded, and my partners Sebastian Harris and Eli Reece agreed. As a prominent casino mogul on the Las Vegas Strip, I had to be careful.

By day, I was, Adam Maxwell, the elusive, take no prisoners, ball busting executive and CEO of Maxwell Industries. By night, I was a Dom who couldn’t resist a curvy brunette that had never been spanked. It was my kryptonite.

Being in control in the boardroom and the bedroom was a rush, a drug I could never get enough of. I excelled in both realms, and did not mix business with pleasure.

Each submissive was carefully vetted by Sebastian. They knew the deal, my deal. I would be their first taste of the lifestyle, no strings attached, no grand expectations, no muddied liaisons.

My life was streamlined. I worked hard, and played even harder. And right now, my cock was bone-hard as my hand readied to spank, Kristi, the dark-haired beauty draped across my lap.

I circled my palm over the curve of her cheeks, while she squirmed in anticipation. My other hand dipped between her thighs. Fuck! Just as I suspected, she was drenched.

“Good girl, princess,” I whispered. “You’re so wet for me. Are you sure this is what you want?”

Her words came out in breathy pants. “Yes. I mean, yes, Sir.”

I teased her swollen clit. “I’m going to spank you eight times, and you’re going to count. If you’re good, I’ll allow you to come while I fuck you. And make no mistake, you will be face down, ass in the air, and used for my pleasure. I’m going to fucking own your pussy tonight. It’s mine. Are we clear?”

“Oh, God,” she cried, with her pussy gushing all over my hand.

“I’ll take that as a yes. Welcome to the lifestyle, princess. Enjoy the ride.”


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