Steamed Up

Steamed Up

A relaxing evening at the sauna gets way hotter.

When mixed-race BFFs Amber and Lucy spend a wine-soaked evening compiling their list of ten erotic things to do before they die, the reserved Lucy has only just begun to suspect that Amber has plans to bring some of their craziest sexual fantasies to life.

Wildcat Amber knows that Lucy would never willingly enter into some of the insane sexual escapades she’s been immersed in, so some persuasion is needed, even if it’s an innocent evening at the local sauna.

Lucy grudgingly agrees to the evening, and when two familiar faces show up, she’s pleasantly surprised.

The other couples at the sauna prove to be relaxed and friendly, although somewhat keen to flaunt their bodies. Lucy is quickly torn between running for home or watching from the doorways to see what might happen next.

Clue: This story contains male and female nudity and some inappropriate activity in a public sauna.

PUBLISHER NOTE: Multiple partners, public sex, FF encounters. 13,500 words. All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

♥♥♥♥♥ X-rated Erotica

M/F/M+ Romance

The Bucket List – Book 4

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It was my turn to kiss him, and he responded with passion. His hand cupped the back of my head; the kiss was powerful enough to make my heart thump.

“Want to go somewhere more private?” he asked.

“The steam room?”

“Let’s do that.” After a couple of wrong turns, we found the right door, and steam enveloped me as I stepped inside. I shuffled forward, effectively blind as hot white mist cloaked my face.

My feet bumped into a bench, or a step. I turned around and lowered myself onto it. And then he was lowering himself, sinking to his knees, and when he put his mouth and tongue to work, I leaned back and whimpered. He swept his tongue along my lips, spreading my wetness around, and then stroked my clit lightly, circling and then sucking.

“Mm?” he asked from between my thighs. He explored my aching opening with the tip of his tongue, pushing inside a little way, then pulling out to spread my wetness upward again.

“I love your tongue inside me.” I ran my fingers through his hair, subtly guiding him upward, and then back down, setting the perfect rhythm. His tongue was magic against my sensitive skin, and every time he pushed it inside me, I shivered with delight. After a few moments, I was begging him for more pressure, to go deeper, to suck my clit. And when my orgasm hit, I swore, I begged him to never stop, and I demanded that he fuck me there and then.

“I don’t have any condoms.”

“You can pull out.”

“Lucy . . .”

“Please. I want you inside me.”

Thank God we’re alone. I’d die if anybody heard me saying those things.

I ached to feel him inside me. Nothing else mattered at that moment. I lifted my feet from the floor, placing my heels on the edge of the bench. I leaned back and watched with thrilled anticipation as he sank to his knees and guided his cock into me. When the first inch slid inside, my jaw dropped, and my entire body tensed. The second inch drove a squeak from my nose, and when the rest followed, it forced all the air from my lungs.

“Uhh . . .  fuck, that feels good,” I groaned. His body pressed against mine and he leaned in to kiss me. I pressed both hands to his face and devoured his mouth with a hunger that shocked me.

“You’re so tight around me,” he murmured.

“Because . . . you’re so . . . big . . . uhh!” I clung to him as he thrust gently, which was right on the edge of what I could stand, but within a minute, I was begging him to thrust harder, to go deeper, to pound my body until I couldn’t breathe properly.

That glorious length of hard flesh slid deep into my body, setting off muscle spasms right, left, and center. My nose hissed as I tried to pull in air, my head spun and my heart thumped. I clung to his face while he fucked me into a shaking, sweating mess.

Seconds later, he pulled out and spots of warmth dotted my belly. His soft curses and deep groans brought a breathless smile to my face, and I let my head fall back as his body shuddered and jerked.

“Oh, wow,” I whimpered. “Fucking . . . wow.”

“They’re so perfect together,” a woman said softly. and when a man replied, my eyes sprang open, and I stared at Sean in horror.

“Somebody’s here,” I croaked. “They heard us.” I turned to see a couple, barely visible through the steam; the woman waved to me.

They saw us.  

They saw everything.

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