Getting Sticky

Getting Sticky

When a spontaneous speed-dating evening goes faster than expected.

When mixed-race BFFs Amber and Lucy spend a wine-soaked evening compiling their list of ten erotic things to do before they die, the reserved Lucy has only just begun to suspect that Amber has plans to bring some of their craziest sexual fantasies to life.

Wildcat Amber knows that Lucy would never willingly enter into some of the insane sexual escapades she has been immersed in, so some persuasion is needed, like the idea of speed-dating.

Lucy grudgingly agrees to the evening, but she is pleasantly surprised by the men who show up . . . except there’s an unfortunate catch.

Can Amber rescue the evening despite the unexpected problem? Or will the two women go home empty-handed?

Clue: This story contains nudity—both men and women . . . and some food is wasted in the process. But don’t worry, some of it gets saved and eaten the next day 🙂

PUBLISHER NOTE: Erotic Contemporary FMF threesome encounter. 15,300 words.  All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

♥♥♥ Red-Hot Romance

F/M/F Romance

The Bucket List – Book 3


Amber spun me around and then applied pressure to my shoulders. I sank to my knees, inhaling deeply as she rubbed her hands against my messy breasts.

“Lift your shirt, Jake.”

“Uh, okay?” Jake complied, revealing a long bulge in his briefs.

“Get it out.”

“Get . . . this?” He pulled the waistband down, and his erection fell out, pointing slightly above the horizontal.

“Clean him with your mouth,” she commanded.

My eyes widened. “Clean . . . what?” I asked.

“This.” Her messy hands closed around his cock, spreading the mess along his shaft, and around the swollen head.

“Oh, wow,” Jake breathed. He watched in amazement as I leaned forward and took the head into my mouth, swirling my tongue to lick away the mixture of sauce and crushed pizza meat. The flavor, combined with the fact it was served on a hard cock, was delicious. Jake groaned as I licked him clean . . . and continued long after there was no trace of pizza topping left on him. But Amber seized my hair and pulled me back, shaking her head.

“Do you see the mess on his shirt?”

“But it’s my shirt,” I protested.

“Don’t argue. You’ve embarrassed Jake and upset me with your unforgivable behavior.”

“I’m . . . sorry?”

“I don’t think you are. Stand up.” When I complied, she unfastened the shirt and pulled it from my body, leaving me naked. “Spank her, Jake.”

“I . . . don’t want to hurt her.”

“Fine. I’ll do it.” She delivered a sharp slap to my butt, and I squealed.

“Now, kiss him and tell him you’re sorry about the mess.”

“Okay, Amber.” Feigning sorrow, I turned to Jake and pulled him against my food-smeared body. He smiled as I stroked his lips with my own, meeting my exploring tongue with his. Amber pressed herself against my back, grinding her pelvis against my cheeks. Her hands slid onto my hips, and she set me moving along with her, which meant I was rubbing against Jake’s cock.

He groaned softly into my mouth, reaching up to cup my face in his hands. Our tongues danced, circling and stroking, and our lips mashed together, turning every breath into a loud, nostril-flaring thrill.

“This . . . is amazing,” he said between kisses. “You’re both incredible.”


“I’ve never . . .” —his words died to a mumble as I kissed him again— “imagined this could happen to me.”

“Still want to chat over dinner?” I asked with a smile. “Or are you happy skipping to this part?”

He nodded. “More than happy. Dinner and chat at the same time, plus” —he was about to say sex but corrected himself at the last second— “two beautiful, sexy ladies.”

“Pizza’s getting cold!” Amber announced. She lifted Jake’s shirt and rubbed two slices against his chest, creating an unholy mess. I leaped back, trying to avoid the worst, when an idea hit me. While Amber was occupied, I snuck over to the table and collected two slices of my own, and then crept up behind Amber.

“Anybody notice,” I began, “how we’re both messed up, but Amber’s still clean?” I hugged my friend tightly, sliding both slices under her shirt and rubbing them vigorously against her chest and stomach.

“You’re going to pay for that,” she said in a dangerous voice. She seized my hands and held me firmly. “Spank her, Jake. Punish her for this unspeakable act.”

This time, he complied, moving around to sting my butt with a sharp slap.

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