Would you leave Earth for an alien who wanted you?

It’s the year 4044. On Earth, Gage Smith works for the government, trying to figure out how to save his dying world. After a quadrant fails, Gage loses hope—that’s until he figures out a way to harness the lightning storms that plague Earth and opens a wormhole. He lands on the planet Gelvek where he’s found by a trafficker.

Yorn is a gladiator who has taken over his brother’s contract. After he fights, he needs his venom milked from his stinger or he could die from the toxicity. That has him meeting with the trafficker to see if he’s found a male able to take his venom without dying. He buys Gage.

Gage is sold into slavery where he quickly falls for the brutal gladiator who owns him. Despite his lust for Yorn, Gage knows he needs to find a way back home. Can he save his world and his alien lover before it’s too late?

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of alien sex with a human, including forced seduction.

♥♥♥♥ Red-Hot Romance

MM, Gay, Alien Sex, Forced Seduction

33,928 words (76 pages)

Gladiators of Gelvek 1

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Gage was shoved into the room where the chains were locked down above his head. The position forced him onto his knees. He looked up at the muscled gladiator in front of him. It was the first time he saw worry and concern in his eyes but was it for him? Gage held still, fear making his heart race as the gladiator pulled down the cloth covering his cock.

It wasn’t the alien’s cock that held him captive. It was the spot two inches above his prick that caught his attention. There was a bulge there. A small dime-size scale, covering the spot retracted, revealing what at first looked like a stinger, but there was no point on this stinger. It grew bigger and longer like a nipple, but it didn’t stop growing there. It elongated, and the tip sharpened into a point. The gladiator lifted Gage’s chin, caressing it gently as pain filled his eyes. Gage let his gaze move past that stinger to the alien’s huge cock that was semi-hard.


The translator whispered the word into his ear. Knowing that he could die, Gage couldn’t bring his lips to that stinger to suck the venom out. He shook his head ‘no,’ pulling away.

“Please suck or I will die.”

Gage didn’t understand why the toxic venom would kill the gladiator. Sweat dripped down from Gage’s brow. His cock was hard from fear. He wasn’t often afraid for his life, but when he was, he always got hard. Pre-cum wept from Gage’s tip as he leaned forward, licking the underside of the engorged stinger into his mouth and trying to avoid that sharpened point. The chains rattled as his entire body shook. Gage wrapped his hands around the chains to keep his body upright. Despite his terror, he sucked roughly on that venomous tip, making the gladiator moan. White-hot venom ejaculated over his tongue. The steady thin stream stung his mouth, making Gage’s eyes go wide. The venom was sour, stinging his tongue.

The juice slipped past his tongue, sliding down his throat. Tormented by this alien and his last moments living, Gage used his teeth to bite the stinger, causing the venom to stream harder into his mouth.

The alien slid his hand behind Gage’s head, threading his fingers into his hair. “Yes. Keep going. Bite if you need to.”

Unable to move from the gladiator’s strong grasp, he sucked harder, hoping to get it over with as fast as he could. A rush of heat fired through Gage’s belly and throat as he struggled to breathe. His heart was racing. His blood was pumping. He was so close to coming. He didn’t understand how or why but he wanted to fucking shoot his spunk if it was the last thing he ever did.

The alien reached down, grabbing Gage’s cock roughly. The heat of his silken palm made him moan with desire as he pumped his dick in and out of his big hand. He stroked it up and down in a way that no man had ever touched him. Gage moaned as he sucked the venom faster. The alien reached his long fingers lower to rub his perineum as he stroked his cock. Without warning, his orgasm spun up from his balls, tightening down his prick. He was rock-hard in the alien’s palm as he shot his spunk.

Without warning, the fountain he drank from shut off. The gladiator’s hand loosened on his prick, and Gage fell back with the chains holding him up. He gasped for air as though he were surfacing from drowning as the gladiator pulled his clothing back up. Gage’s eyes watered profusely as he stared at the gladiator in front of him. The trafficker came back with a wild gleam in his eyes.

“How did he do?”

The gladiator smiled. “He’s still breathing. I’ll take him.”