A Kiss in the Rain

A Kiss in the Rain

He also loved his wife. A true story.

This is the dramatic true story of Alvin’s journey as he attempts to live in two worlds at the same time.

‘As the weeks rolled by, my desire to see Robert grew more intense. There was something about him that really pushed all my buttons. It would appear it was not the case as far as he was concerned. Jean noticed how I had become withdrawn. She put it down to overwork so she decided to take me out for dinner. She made a booking at a Greek restaurant. She and I both knew it was a popular place for gays to dine. “Why book there?” I asked, somewhat suspicious she might have an agenda. I was already becoming a bit paranoid. Had she somehow found out I was away from home the last few Wednesday nights. No. I decided that was impossible. I had made a careful check of her movements before leaving for my clandestine meetings to make sure there was no change to her usual schedule.’

Reader Advisory: Be careful. This could happen to you. This is a true story involving secret liaisons, angst, musicals, and a concerned ghost.

♥♥♥♥ Red-Hot Romance

39,477 words

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Summer was ending, so Robert and I had planned another day at the beach before the cold winter winds made it a less attractive place to visit. We used our usual Saturday time to meet up. Leaden clouds threatened rain, but we were determined to have some time on the sand together. Because of the heavy clouds, the beach was nearly deserted.

We took our shoes off and splashed barefoot along the water’s edge, enjoying the little waves as they teased the sand. We ambled slowly along the sand holding hands. I paused to gaze out at the ocean.

A wonderful warmness enveloped me. It was a sensation I’d never experienced before. I felt like a small child luxuriating in a soft, warm cot. I smiled with the pleasure of it all. Robert pulled me lightly away from my reverie and we continued to walk slowly along the beach. I noticed a large white feather on the sand. It had a black edge, so probably came from a black-backed gull.

Robert bent down to scoop it from the sand. He held it up to study it. “An angel is watching us,” he declared as he twirled it slowly in his hand for me to see.

“You old romantic!”

“If you find a feather it means an angel is watching.”

I smiled at his warm expression. He handed the feather to me. I clasped it with reverence. We were near the far end of the beach when a light rain began to fall.

“We better head back.” I suggested.

“No. Not yet.” He clasped my shoulder to stop me moving. He cupped my head in his hands and drew my face to his. He gave me the most passionate kiss I’d ever had. An elderly couple appeared from behind a tree nearby and hurried past us.

“Afternoon,” the short woman, wearing a knee length coat, called out while we were still locked in our kiss. “It’s going to rain,” she added.

Robert acknowledged her comment with a little wave as he backed away from my lips. We stood motionless as the rain began to fall. We watched the couple hurry away. I had a strange sensation time had ceased to exist. Life was about loving and being loved. I was experiencing the essence of life, and was thrilled to be fortunate enough to understand how lucky I was.

I gazed into Robert’s eyes. “You are my angel,” I whispered in his ear.