Out in the Open

Out in the Open

They’ll be coming round the mountain . . .

Close your eyes and imagine a small town’s fire station packed with muscular firefighters who work, drink, party, and shower together. Add Jensen Brother, a naïve rookie whose training in gay love has only just begun.

When Jensen accepts an invitation to spend the weekend hiking with his new lover, Matt, he anticipates exercise, fresh air, and the opportunity to spend some quality one-on-one time under the stars with Matt, and Matt alone.

Two out of three ain’t bad.

 READER ADVISORY: A M/M, M/M/M Romance containing nude scenes and intimacy between male firemen.

 PUBLISHER NOTE: Contains scenes of orgies between men. 14,800 words.

♥♥♥♥♥ X-Rated Erotica

M/M Erotica

Action Station – Book 5


I scanned the dark green hillside, which rose steeply until it touched the low, thin clouds. Early sunlight warmed my skin, even through the mist, and promised a glorious day.

“Ready to gear up?” Matt asked.

“I guess.” I could have stared at the vista all day; it was such an incredible contrast to small-town Rutherford. Ten minutes later, we were heading onto a fire-break path, a highway-sized gap in the trees that arrowed toward the imposing hill’s summit.

I turned three-sixty as we walked. “I don’t think I’ve ever been so far away from people.”

“Better than a do not disturb sign,” he agreed. “We might not see another human being all day.” He smiled and reached for my hand.

“Are we really alone now?” I asked.

“Do you hear any traffic?”

“None.” I moved closer, and after a brief hesitation, pressed my lips to his. He seemed momentarily startled by my boldness, but soon warmed to the idea, returning the kiss hungrily. And when I pressed my body against him, the swelling excitement in his pants pressed against mine. His hands stroked my ribs, and I lingered for a full minute before pulling back.

“More of that later.” I squeezed his hand and turned to face the summit, still shrouded in mist.

“Looking forward to it.” He squeezed the front of his pants.

“Hard already?”

“See for yourself.” He unfastened his pants and—with some difficulty—freed his erection. “You?”

“Same.” I pulled my stiffening cock out and wagged it up and down.

“We should fuck.” He glanced up and down. “Right here. Nobody would hear us.”

“Nah.” I tucked myself away. “Let’s wait until later, when we can spread out the sleeping bags. I grimaced at the leaf-littered forest floor. “And I’d prefer to be out in the sunlight where it’s warm.”

“I can do that.” He seemed embarrassed by his impatience. I waited until he’d made himself decent before resuming our walk.

“Wouldn’t this be fun if we were both naked? Who’d see us?” I asked.

“Nobody apart from the birds, but can you imagine the chafing?” He tugged at his pack’s shoulder straps.

“There aren’t many places like this in the world,” Matt said.

“It’s idyllic.”

“I’m glad you’re here to see it.”

“I’m glad you invited me.” I leaned in and he did the same, and we kissed slowly, but with increasing vigor. His hands cupped my cheeks, holding me still while his lips stroked mine and his tongue explored my mouth. I grew hard again, but was content with the kissing. The landscape was beautiful, and we were completely isolated from prying eyes, but I couldn’t imagine getting naked, not here.

“That’s a memory I want to keep forever,” he said in a hoarse tone. “You, me, that kiss, and all this.”


“Did that make you hard?”

“I . . . let’s not spoil the moment, Matt.”

“Be warned, I won’t be able to resist you tonight.”

“I look forward to that.”

“I’ll use your body for my own pleasure. I’ll slide into your tight little ass and make you whimper again, like I did at the training camp. I’ll make love to you until I can’t hold back, and then I’ll fill you with my cum.”

“It sounds perfect.”

“Then it’s a date?”

I nodded. “I can’t wait for you to fuck me again.”

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