Army veteran, Ben Logan, comes face-to-face with shrink, Doctor Olivia Reardon after he nearly pummels a dangerous lowlife to death with his bare hands.

“Just one session and I’ll be done,” is what Ben tells himself. He promised his boss, Adam Maxwell, he’d talk to someone about the fury of rage that boils within him. Adam isn’t just part owner of The Purple Peacock, the secret BDSM club where he works, but also the king of the Las Vegas Strip. So, whatever the boss man says goes.

Ben thinks he has Doctor Olivia Reardon all figured out. She’s an Ivy League ice princess who knows nothing about pain and loss. And she’s a redhead. Ben is a firm believer you can never trust a redhead. His ex-wife Chelsea was a redhead who ran off with his best friend while he was serving his country. Talk about unfair. Ben Logan hates it when crap is unfair.

His first impression of Olivia is blown to smithereens when he discovers Olivia understands pain and loss more than she’d like to. Her life took a tragic turn years ago, and her reemergence to join the land of the living hits several bumps in the road.

Can hearts be healed? Can the past ever be locked away for good? And what does the future hold for all of your favorite characters in the Vegas Edge series as they come together for the opening of Adam Maxwell’s newest casino?

A fury of passion, rage, and non-stop page-turning drama is unleashed in the epic finale of the Vegas Edge series. No one’s life will ever be the same.

PUBLISHER NOTE: BDSM Romance which can be read as a stand-alone or as part of the Vegas Edge series. M/F, F/M/F, BDSM. Full-length, Contemporary, BDSM Romance. 95,000 words.

♥♥♥♥ Red-Hot Romance

M/F, F/M/F  Romance



His hands caressed my burning cheeks. “Good girl, princess. I hope you’re ready to get fucked. You asked for this, remember.”

“Yes, Sir. Let me be your little whore. Fuck me.”

Without warning his cock speared me to his root and I screamed.

“Screaming already?” he growled. “I’m just getting started.”

He gripped my hips and wasted no time thrashing my pussy with vigorous fuck strokes. It was as if he was pouring all of his anger and anguish into every thrust that tore into me.

I grasped the sheets, steadying myself on my forearms so he could use me the way he wanted. His cock was so fat, and the fucking so brutal, pain and pleasure mingled together unleashing the lust that had been buried inside me for years.

“Oh, God, oh, Ben,” I moaned. “Ah, oh my God!”

He wrapped my hair around his hand and yanked me, so my hands were flat against the mattress. “You’re fucking loving this, aren’t you, princess?”

“Ahh . . . Yes . . . Yes, Sir. Don’t stop.”

“No chance of that. I’ve wanted to fuck the shit out of you since the day I met you with all your fancy diplomas and your hair so perfect in a tight bun.”

Ben tugged on my hair, and I wailed.

“Christ, you’re such a little pain slut. The things I could do to you.”

After another series of rough thrusts, he freed my tangled locks, pushed my head into the mattress and spanked my ass again.

My entire being was reeling in carnal hunger as it climbed to the apex of an orgasm. I was there, right there, about to topple over into a euphoric release. Ben Logan was a bona fide sex God. He could fuck the stars out of the sky.

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