Corrupting Demon

Corrupting Demon

Can demon lust become true love?

On the magical world of Kurbridor, Emmi Jareth reluctantly goes to a club with two of her friends. Soon she realizes someone seated in a dark corner is watching her. Even though he appears to be human, she believes he’s a demon. Emmi leaves the club and finds him waiting at her building’s front entrance. A moment later he’s gone and she thinks three glasses of red wine must have made her imagine him there. That night she dreams about this person and that his name is Turael.

The next day he stands outside the store where Emmi works, watching her, but is gone before she leaves. When he comes to her home and convinces her he is a demon who will corrupt her through sex, Emmi is frightened. She feels physically attracted to him, yet is appalled by his intention.

Is it her destiny to become a sex slave of the demon lords, or are Turael’s plans changed?

Reader Advisory: Is the affection of a corrupting demon true love or merely lust? Only the author and readers of this story know the answer.

♥♥♥ Scorching-Hot Romance

23,790 words

World of Kurbridor 1

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corrupting-demon-compressedEmmi was about to coil in her senses when she was suddenly hit by a very strong force completely new to her. While its owner sat at a distance from her, it felt as though the energy burned into her awareness. The feeling it instilled frightened and overpowered her.

The barman came over with the wine bottle in hand, and filled her glass. After looking up and thanking him, she stared at the bar’s long mirror, trying to locate where the force came from. None of the people’s reflections caught her eye or senses. Then she noticed how both far corners of the club were almost in darkness. In one, a couple kissed and might be doing more. The other corner housed someone whose reflected image was indistinct, yet two glowing red eyes appeared to be staring right at her. This person was definitely the source of that strong force. Human, shifter, or demgel eyes didn’t glow like that, but some demons possessed this attribute.

She sent out a sensory thread, trying to establish who the source was, and was met by what felt like a sharp blow to her head. Wow! Someone didn’t appreciate her curiosity. Usually, Emmi could do a little sensory probing without the awareness of those she inspected, but this one made it clear he or she wouldn’t tolerate it. Oh well, if male, he was probably interested in Shelena or Kat and didn’t like her interference. Both of her friends were popular with males, whether human or shifter, and possibly with demons as well. She felt almost sure those glowing eyes were focused on one of her friends, not on her.

Emmi moved her line of vision away from the mirror, not wanting to be caught in the power of that scary stare. She would finish her drink, order one more, and then go home, with or without the company of her friends. The same barman poured her another glass of wine when she asked for it. Then, she gave him her cash disc in order to pay for her drinks. He processed it in one of the machines at the back of the bar and gave the metal disc back to her. She sat sipping her wine and trying not to glance back at the mirror.

This attempt soon became impossible, because it felt as though those eyes were actually burning holes in her. They definitely looked at her, not at her friends. She could also sense a mind probing accompanied the stare, and she mentally slammed down her barriers to block the intrusion. The probing didn’t feel friendly or curious. It felt domineering, and attempted to take control of her. She glared into the mirror and shot a fireball of pain into the brain behind those red eyes. They didn’t blink as their owner stood up and moved toward the bar. He was extremely tall with broad shoulders that promised a well-built body. She could see several women watching him as he passed by their tables. As he drew close to the bar, Emmi noted his handsome face had large, dark eyes that seemed to look right inside her.

He stood behind her stool and, as he placed his empty glass on the bar, his arm brushed against hers. Yes, he was definitely a demon, but not the usual kind that inhabited this world of Kurbridor. There was something fierce and uncompromising about his nature. She would never want to be alone with him. He’d probably break her in half and chomp on her bones. A small giggle escaped from her mouth.

“Are you laughing at me?” His voice was deep and challenging, and while his dark eyes locked onto hers she was helpless to reply. Then, he caught the barman’s attention and ordered another beer. While waiting for it, he stroked her shoulder and said, “Your shots to the brain can’t compare with mine, so don’t bother wasting your time.” Once his beer was served he moved away from the bar.

mmi watched his reflection in the mirror as he made his way back to his table and sat down. Those demon eyes continued to stare at her, so she hurriedly downed the rest of her wine.

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