Catalina, Queen of the Nightlings 6

Catalina, Queen of the Nightlings 6

Adventures of a Sexy Seductress

In a world where monsters dwell in the shadows, one woman dares to walk in the light. When Catalina chose a small blue planet to hold a galactic Olympiad over two thousand years ago, she never dreamed she would one day rule over its inhabitants. Now, after all the war and strife she has endured all she wants to do is live a life of love and pleasure. Her only obstacle, a sinister Council who have abandoned their charge and now threaten the livelihoods of the entire human race. With a little help from her friends, Catalina has vowed to thwart the opposition and bring peace, love, and seduction back into balance.

Reader Advisory: Be forewarned, the story within contains X-rated tales of a Nightling’s naughty escapades.

PUBLISHER NOTE: Sci-Fi Erotica. 35,000 words.

♥♥♥♥♥ X-Rated Erotica


Catalin, Queen of the Nightlings – Book 6


Without even knowing it, my hand has slipped into my panties, my fingers wet with my own juices. My eyes search the room for a willing subject and I feel myself involuntarily moving toward the bar. A firm hand grasps my own, the pressure halts me and jolts me out of my haze—James—I had nearly forgotten. I have no excuse for my distraction. James on the other hand, has them all. His eyes are wide and frightened. His body is slick with sweat, a huge erection bulges from his torn blue jean shorts. I know we are here to work, but if I don’t satisfy James’s hunger neither one of us will be worth a damn.

             “I need you,” he cries, pulling me close. His breathing is so heavy, I have to place my hand on his chest to slow it down.

            “Look at me. James,” I say, trying to calm him. “We need to focus now.”

            “I can’t,” he hisses. “If I don’t fuck you right now, I think I’ll go mad.” He crushes his lips to mine and lifts me up wrapping my legs around his trim waist. I lose all power and control. I willingly allow him to carry me to one of the curtained mattresses. All I can think of is his hot, wet tongue in my mouth and the feel of his hard cock rubbing against my wet sex. I grind deeper into him with each step. By the time he lays me down onto the soft silk-covered mattress, I couldn’t give a fuck about saving the world. My only thoughts are on how to get this beautiful man deep inside of me. I lay back, my legs spread wide. James pulls his shorts down. We’ve no time to waste, our need so critical. I’m so wet he slides right in and we both breathe out in relief. He grips both of my arms with one hand and pulls them over my head. I watch as my tits bounce wildly with each of his thrusts. I bite my lip and grind my hips. He finds my eyes and holds them in his gaze and I cry out for more.

            Cupping my breast with his free hand he sucks on my nipple, swirling his tongue around my erect flesh. I wrap my legs around him pulling him in closer and deeper. Our bodies melt together as one, the heat of our passion burning through all the bullshit the past few weeks have brought. I’m overwhelmed by the love I feel for this man, and only just realize that it’s not the act of making love that’s giving me this high, but the love we share.

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