Will Summer has been in love with Axel for as long as he can remember. He’s about to give up hope when he hears the shifter has found his true mate and is ready to claim them.

As the new Alpha of the Woodland Leap, Axel has waited a long time to be able to claim his mate, Will. However, tensions begin to rise when the Witches and Hunters reappear and seem to be searching for Will.

As a long-kept secret threatens to tear everything apart, can Will learn to accept the truth and come to terms with a power he never imagined possible?

Reader Advisory: This Paranormal Gay Romance contains one sexy, determined Alpha, one bad-arse mate, and graphic man-on-man sex that will keep you coming back for more…

♥♥♥♥ Red-Hot Romance

37,505 words (93 pages)

M/M Gay Paranormal Romance, Anal Sex

Australian Alphas 1


Will yelped in surprise, clutching the chain to his chest as he turned. “Oh, my God, Axel. You scared me.”

The man’s stormy grey eyes held amusement as they stared at him. “Hey, Will.”

There was no doubt about it, the man was fine looking. Cropped raven hair paired with a well-muscled body. The tight blue T-shirt stretched over smooth, deliciously tanned skin, and a row of pearly whites flashed at him even in the darkened room. Will lifted his hand and discreetly checked to make sure he hadn’t begun to drool. He shifted uncomfortably, aware of his prick thickening in his pants.

Please don’t smell me, please don’t smell me, he chanted to himself, knowing there was no way the other man couldn’t scent his arousal.

“Hey, Axel. Um, I think your brother’s looking for you.” He glanced at the door, desperately hoping Joel would burst in and save him from himself. “He should be in the house.”

The man he’d been in love with for decades frowned. “Hmmm, along with the entire Leap. I think I’ll stay out here for a little longer.”

Axel looked exhausted. The dark circles under his eyes suggested he hadn’t slept properly for weeks, maybe months. “Are you okay?”

As soon as he said the words, he desperately wanted to take them back. Will did not need to get into a deep conversation with this man. He needed to find his way the hell out of there.

“I’m fine,” Axel said, moving closer, his eyes falling to the chain in his hand, then back up to Will’s face. “I see you found my box.”

Will blinked up at him. “This is yours?”

Well, of course it is, you idiot. It’s full of all the things you ever made or gave him.

Which says what?

Axel smiled, just a quirk of the lips, but with so much affection it made Will’s heart stutter. “Yes, mine.”

The man who was soon to become Alpha reached out to gently touch the pendant, the tip of his finger grazing Will’s skin as well. He tried to hold back the shiver, but knew he’d been unsuccessful when the other man grinned.

“I remember when you gave that to me. You said it was to make sure I came home.”

“Yes, I remember,” Will whispered, his throat clogging with emotion. He’d been so terrified he would never see the other man again. Shifters were sturdy, but they weren’t immortal, and the idea Axel not coming home had tortured him for years.

“I kept my promise, you know,” Axel murmured.

“Promise?” What was he talking about? Will was having trouble keeping up with the conversation. Axel always did short-circuit his brain.