The Amazing Case of the Anzac Karma

The Amazing Case of the Anzac Karma

Brand:Kenn Lord

TIM CAMERON, a responsible young Australian career man living in London, is shattered when his mother and father are the fatal victims of a terrorist attack at an Anzac Day Dawn Service in Australia. He flies home expecting the ethnic immigrant attackers to be tried and punished, but when a United Nations ruling allows the three men to walk free, Tim is forced to fight for justice.

His decision brings him into contact with a collection of unusual people—a freewheeling young woman who lives by her own rules, a mystic astrologer who lives in a Queensland rainforest, and a billionaire entrepreneur who is developing a spectacular vintage Australian theme park that upsets the will of the government and the faceless but powerful bureaucracy.

His team members are listed:

APRIL DAWN: Who awakens his spirit by adoring his body.

CYNTHIA DEL LARGO: A mystic astrologer who leads him to the stars.

MACKENZIE FORBES: His own man—rich, powerful and forthright.

JOSH FORBES: Mackenzie’s young son who lives his father’s dreams.

DUSTY RIVERS: Top Australian Movie Star—the famous Outback Jackaroo.

And SNAKE GULLY: The theme park that upstages the tinsel of Disneyland.

PUBLISHER NOTE: Action Adventure. 68,000 words.