Another Time: Box Set

Another Time: Box Set

The complete series of Another Time by Jeffery Martin Botzenhart in a Box Set. The Collection includes The Artist, The Quiet Hours, Paradise, and Merlynn.

The Artist:

Meeting Edward, a handsome young artist on the boardwalk, Helen is convinced his portraits of her have captured her true essence. His shy endearing presence stirs feelings of love inside her. In truth, what he also has captured . . . is her heart. (M/F Historical Romance)

The Quiet Hours:

There is no hiding in war, leaving hearts exposed to unfathomable dangers. Two English soldiers suffer such vulnerability as they attempt to survive this cataclysm. Having carried out a secret love affair before the Great War began, when reunited on the Western Front in 1916 France, both promise to protect each other so their hidden love affair may continue at war’s end. Yet as they set out to escape the carnage of battle, they find more reasons to survive. (M/M Historical Romance)


When introduced to Major Gideon Temple, it is obvious her mother intends for him to become Clarissa’s future husband. Yet an instant infatuation Clarissa experiences with Casper, a young British soldier assigned to protect her and her parents, turns to a beautiful love affair. Gideon’s jealousy of them leads to threats and banishing Casper away from her. In the days to follow, revelations of murder, hostile intentions, and the rage of an angry spirit taint this breathtaking paradise. (M/F Historical Romance)


Amidst the Autumn of 1933, during the Great Depression, a young coal miner from Pennsylvania and a beautiful farm girl from Nebraska find their lives impossibly entwined. When submerged in water, both can travel great distances to each other’s homes in a matter of minutes. Bound by passion and love, neither can explain how this is possible. An unimaginable force has brought them together, yet a very real threat could tear them apart. (M/F Paranormal Romance)

PUBLISHER NOTE: Collection of stories. 81,000 words in total.

♥♥ Steamy Romance


The Artist

“You are presented with two options,” Madeline explained. “The first is to marry Howard Sherrod, dismissing what your heart desires deeply in wishing to please your parents. The second would be the rejection of social standing and protocols to follow what your heart wishes most for, that being freedom.”

“Black or white options, no gray,” Helen mumbled.

The Quiet Hours

“You may have arranged your own death sentence.”

“One I accept willingly if it means one more hour with you.”

“I never wanted to leave you.”

“I know.”

“I read your letter to me so many times,” Andrew confessed. “I can recite it word for word. I think of it each night before falling asleep.”

“As do I.”


Clarissa rested her head against his shoulder as their fingers entwined. Looking toward the sky, the brilliant blue began to fade to lighter hues. The perfect morning and afternoon could not last forever. Were I ever to escape this place, it would be with you, Casper. I choose you. No one holds dominion over my heart as you do. Someday I will speak words of love to you and will wait breathlessly for you to say them back. Already, they burn your tongue. I see this when you try to speak, yet your voice holds these words hostage. Soon there will be no restraints, only love.


There was growing anger in Aaron’s eyes when he looked at John, though it was clearly understood who this anger was truly meant for. “Isaac and his men will come looking for anything of value they can take from you. You can’t stop them. Even worse, they will find Merlynn. Please understand, I need to lead them away from you. I know what has to be done.”

John cradled his own face in his hands, running his palms over the stubble on his cheeks as he tried to think of something to say. “We could run away, all of us.”

“No, I can’t. It’s too late for that.”

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