Alien Laid Bare

Alien Laid Bare

Imagine if the Earth was pulled from beneath her feet.

Aurora Silvestre is a unique being on Earth, an extremely rare product of the mating between her father and a female TauCetean.

But her existence comes with a price: The aggressive alien DNA lurking within her genome constantly tries to assume control of her human body—unless she mates with a human male every four days.

The upside of her hybrid nature is superior strength, intelligence, and lightning-fast reactions, which has already proved useful to Detectives of the Quincy Police Department.

However, other forces are coming into play, forces which will have long-term effects on the population of Quincy, MA, and possibly the entire human race.

Reader Advisory: If you are easily offended by the idea of a half-alien woman seducing men and having frequent, messy sex … this might very well be your kind of thing.

PUBLISHER NOTE: Continuing storyline throughout the series, with Happy for Now Endings.

♥♥♥♥♥ X-Rated Erotica

20,874 words (59 pages)

The Dark Horse 2


As I was standing at the checkout, two mall cops moved in behind me; another cop appeared at the next checkout. A fourth mall cop was waiting at the other checkout. I turned to the pair behind me.

“Okay, guys. What do you want?”

“I don’t know what you mean, Lady.”

“You’re surrounding me so I don’t escape. So, tell me what I’ve done wrong, or you can try chasing me.” As I spoke, the guy dropped a hand to his Taser.

“I use those things as pleasure aids, gentlemen.”

We’d like you to accompany us to the security office, lady. Our Head of Security wants a quiet word.”

I picked up a can of condensed milk and tested the weight. “You realize I could knock you cold with this.”

“I believe you. But please, don’t make this difficult.”

“All right, gentlemen, lead on.” Two of the mall cops led the way, with two others following behind. We entered an office, where a man stood with his hands behind his back.

“Ah, you’ve decided to see me, Ms…”

“Your uniforms didn’t leave me much of an option.”

“I instructed them to be insistent.”

“They got that right.”

“I have orders to report your presence to someone.”


“Someone who took a great interest in your activities yesterday. Here’s my problem.”

“Go on.” I narrowed my eyes.

“What does he plan to do with you?”

“Nothing good, I’ll bet,” I muttered.

“You’re an attractive woman, one with great strength, and skill.”


“And you’re one of the good guys, too. So why should I hand over a person of good integrity, to an alien I don’t trust?”

“Ah … you shouldn’t?”

“Correct, I shouldn’t. I’ve been told I must, but I know I couldn’t possibly.”

“He was spraying pheromones everywhere,” I explained. “Everyone who breathed them in has been bewitched, yourself included, I would guess.”

“I don’t … like being … controlled.” His voice was tight, strained.

“I might be able to help you,” I said softly.

“Help me … how?” His fists flexed; his body shuddered.

“I think I can purge the pheromones.” The manager shifted from foot to foot as I approached. When I breathed on him, his eyes widened.

“Oh … fuck!” He shook himself down.

“Are you feeling better?” I asked.

“Wow … yes.” He blinked and turned to look at me. “I can’t believe the sneaky alien bastard did that to me!”

“He did it to everyone in the mall.”

“I feel weak for letting myself be swayed so easily.”

“Don’t be so hard on yourself,” I said.

“How can I make it up to you?”

“Can I borrow your team for about ten minutes?”

His brow wrinkled. “Ah … sure. What for?”

“You’ll see. Guys. Could we have a huddle?” When they were gathered around, I let loose my passion breath. I was rewarded with four glassy-eyed security guys.

“What have you done to them?”

“Nothing permanent, but I’d prefer it if they didn’t remember this.” One by one, I unzipped the guards and freed their cocks. The manager stared.

“You can join in,” I said, sinking to my knees.

“I’m happily married.” He leaned back against his desk. “But is this what you want?”

“I need this—to fight off the pheromones.”

“Wow. I’m glad you only had to breathe on me.”

I laughed, then used my mouth and hands to get the four guys hard.

I was more than ready for this.

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