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By Nova Arisól LaMason

They were perfect soul mates… and then, HE showed up.

Vladimir Andante and Guy Largo are not only esteemed students at the world’s most prestigious university for musical prodigies, but perhaps the most watched couple on campus. Vladimir is regally beautiful, bearing the most adored male singing voice, while Guy is handsome and friendly, besting all with the piano. Their love for each other is candid and true, and steamy behind closed doors.

While observing the entrance examinees’ performances, they notice that one man, the mysterious and good-looking Sergio Grave, stands out on stage. His passion with the violin, like tendrils of magic, captivates them and the entire audience. But when Sergio is assigned as their new roommate, his attitude, unlike his talent, turns out to be far less than stellar. What drives his harsh, repellent behavior, and why does he intend to endure the trials of the world’s toughest music school alone? While Guy always tries to see the good in others, Vladimir hardly cares to find out. When they unwittingly do, it starts a whole new roller coaster of emotions that shakes the lovers’ relationship.

Reader Advisory: Contains certain sexual scenarios that should not be attempted by the inexperienced, hurt/comfort, and angst—a lot of angst.

 Scorching Hot

MM, MMM, Anal, Oral, Anilingus

Erin Wong….
Connect with Erin HERE and HERE

28,226 words


The First Encounter

So, the decision had been made. Vladimir’s displeasure was mainly directed toward the head of the housing office, who neglected to contact either of them about this. Even if the decision was made that day, the ethical thing was to call them. Not only did this mean that he and Guy would have to work around someone else’s schedule just to have some privacy, but they’d have to move furniture, reassign chores, and allot times for the empty practice room. He had no problem with the new guy. He just didn’t handle involuntary change very well.

At least the guy was handsome. He was a slim and fair-skinned man with short, black hair spiked up in the front, a strong neck, and a tight, inverted triangular face. An appealingly flat tummy with taut skin over lightly defined abs peeked through his still barely buttoned shirt. If he wanted to, he could probably get any man or woman on campus. He looked like he didn’t care much for anything, but who knew? Maybe he was cool.

Vladimir combed his fingers through his shoulder-length hair and pulled his sidelocks to the front. “I don’t mean to sound rude, but you could have knocked first,” he suggested in sort of an irritated sigh.

“I did knock.” The man brought a hand to his hip and flapped the other side-to-side, as if trying to shoo Vladimir off of his back. “Look, I really don’t care if you two have sex, as long as you don’t wake me up.”

On second thought, maybe he was a bit too brash for any man or woman on campus. His response genuinely left them at a loss for words—that is, until they registered the “wake me up” part. Vladimir looked to Guy, glaring contemptuously, though not directed toward him. “I don’t think that the housing officials thought this through. This suite only accommodates two beds.”

“That’s fine. I’ll take the sofa.”

Vladimir couldn’t believe how brazen this guy was. He looked over at Guy again, who had transitioned from pursing his lips in a fake smile to biting the corner of his bottom lip. He did that whenever he disagreed with someone and sought a conversational segue. He always tried to stay on the friendly side—bless his optimism. Unfortunately, the suddenness of all of this made it difficult for him to think of something else to talk about.

“Pardon our manners,” the younger thrust forth. “I’m Vladimir Andante, a second-year vocal student. This is my boyfriend, Guy Largo, second-year pianist. You’re Sergio Grave, correct?”


Even with introductions, Sergio was so painfully deadpan. Guy and Vladimir cocked eyebrows at each other, wondering if Sergio really gave a damn about even being there. He just stood there, arms and legs crossed, shifting between looking at them and glancing around the den, which made things more awkward.

The sticky sensation following intense, sweaty sex finally grew too much for Vladimir. His skin was driving him up the wall. “Well, I’m going to take a shower,” he said. He retreated to the bedroom, and Guy joined him to pick up their clothes. In accordance with his new semester schedule, he didn’t have any classes to attend the next day, and since he intended to stay in and do laundry, he picked out a nice dress shirt and black slacks from the walk-in. Even out of uniform, students had to follow a professional dress code in the event that a contractor or other official should show up in hopes of working with one. He then grabbed a large T-shirt, briefs, and socks from his dresser. Normally, he wore less than that to bed, but this was out of courtesy to Sergio. Then again, he probably didn’t care about that either. After laying his dress clothes out on the trunk at the end of Guy’s bed, he returned to find Sergio still eying about the suite, presumably trying to familiarize himself with it. “I can just sleep with Guy,” he offered. “Why don’t you take my bed until we can arrange space for you?”

“I’m fine with the sofa,” Sergio answered flatly, his head turned away, eyes peeking into the open door by the refrigerator leading to Guy’s gym.

“As you say…” Vladimir gave up. There was just no connection with this guy. It was worse than talking to a wall—more like playing fetch with a dog that would either stop and chew the ball or swat it right back in his face. Now beyond ready to turn in for the night, he carried his underclothes into the bathroom and locked the door.


Since his blazer was still clean, Guy figured that he could still use it for the next day. He had Romantic Music History and Composition II classes to attend. He grabbed a white dress shirt and a different pair of white slacks from the walk-in and set them up to hang by his bed. He peeked out to check on Sergio, who had apparently finished studying his new environment, and now lay on the sofa, staring up at the ceiling with his violin and shoes tucked beneath the coffee table. “Vlad and I really enjoyed yar performance. Ya’ve got good skill. Guess the headmaster more or less demanded that ya move in today.”

“My living situation left me no choice.”

“Ah. Movin’ away from yar folks?”

“I don’t have parents.”

Guy felt his heart sink a little.

“Anyway, the semester starts tomorrow. Whether I move in now or later doesn’t make a difference,” Sergio replied, resting an arm over his forehead. “It’s just a hassle, moving in without my clothes or a uniform.”

Guy pondered the bit about not having parents, but decided not to touch it, even for sympathy. He didn’t know if the subject was sensitive, and part of him didn’t want to know how Sergio would react. “Well, Vlad doesn’t have class tomorrow. Ya might fit in one of his blazers. He’s a great one, ya know. I’ll ask for ya, if ya—”

“Let me just make one thing clear,” Sergio said harshly as he sat up and glared at Guy, startling him. “I have zero intentions of getting friendly with you or your boyfriend. I’m here to better my violin skills, not make friends.”

Professional Reviews (1)

5 VIOLINS – Bike Book Reviews
I love, love, love it when a book sweeps in like a breath of fresh air and gives you something different, something more… this short story did just that for me! This author knows how to translate feelings onto the page, you get all kinds of emotions here, not the least of which is passion!

Vladimir and Guy are a lovely talented couple that complement each other perfectly, they see Sergio at his audition and he ends up being their roommate. The attitude that Sergio gives off at first turns Vladimir off, but Guy tries to give him the benefit of the doubt, I love the dynamic between these three, even when they aren’t on the same page.

When details about Sergio’s life come to light, things get interesting, oh and hot, yeah really really hot! DO NOT miss this one friends, you will be so glad you took a chance on it! Thanks Nova, for pouring all your passion into this little work of art!

Review by Becky Bike Book Reviews

2 reviews for Heartstrings

  1. Rated 4 out of 5


    I was fortunate enough to get an early release of this novella, and I read it all in one go. Nova is a poetic wordsmith, and Heartstrings is beautifully written and expressive. He did a lovely job with both physical and emotional descriptions, and provides the reader a wonderfully crafted setting of a luxurious music academy in which the characters reside. I enjoyed the characters and their interactions, Guy Largo being my personal favourite ♥ The dialogue was well done and I couldn’t help but smile the entire time I was reading 😀 It’s a short, but charming and sweet story, and the steamy portions were indeed very passionate, rendered in a refreshingly honest way. My only wish is that story were longer; I would love to have seen more of Sergio, Vladimir, and Guy’s dynamics and struggles, and their transitioning relationships over a longer stretch of time. Nonetheless, it is an enjoyable read, congrats :D!

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    TK Lawyer

    I enjoyed getting to know Vladimir and Guy and I loved their story. These two men were clearly in love and their strong affection for each other easily drew me in and had me cheering for their relationship to continue on forever. However, I had mixed feelings when it came to Sergio and as much as I tried to give him a chance, I couldn’t connect with him. Even though Nova did a good job of explaining Sergio’s past and his staunch perseverance through many hurdles, I felt Vlad and Guy’s acceptance and subsequent caring for him moved too fast for the book, especially when you compare how long Vladimir and Guy had been together. It just didn’t seem plausible to care about someone so deeply, so quickly, and, as a result, I was ambivalent about what happened to Sergio. The ending though was beautiful and I was happy for Sergio that he found what he needed.
    Being an artsy creative type of person, myself, I could appreciate the excitement and wonder of the music school. I really liked this backdrop for the story. Nova is a great story teller, detailed when it comes to descriptions of one’s surroundings in the book and this added to the reality of the school.
    I recommend reading Heartstrings for it is a sweet love story and Nova’s talent with words and his good sense of humor gives this enjoyable story a good pace. This story will definitely tug at your own heartstrings.

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