Our Heat Ratings Explained

The more hearts, the hotter the content. Phew!



Sweet Romance ~ Romance without consummated love scenes. Although, reference to lovemaking may occur off page. Always contains a happily ever after.

Sizzling Romance ~ Romance with mild sex scenes. Flowery use of sexual language (euphemisms), could offend delicate readers. Always contains a happily ever after.

Scorching-Hot Romance ~ Romance with sex scenes using descriptive words. Some euphemisms. Could offend readers. Always with a happily ever after.

Red-Hot Romance ~ Explicit sex scenes from the get go. Descriptive words, leaving little to the imagination. No euphemisms. Could offend some readers. Comes complete with a happily ever after required.

X-Rated Erotica ~ Contains frequent and explicit sex scenes from the get go. No euphemisms. Descriptions leave nothing to the imagination. Will offend most readers. May not contain a happily ever after, although book will finish on a happy note.

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