NEW RELEASE: Merlynn by Jeffery Martin Botzenhart

NEW RELEASE: Merlynn by Jeffery Martin Botzenhart

Our latest release MERLYNN by Jeffery Martin Botzenhart, is the latest story in his Another Time series.

Passion and danger linger under the watchful eye of the Angel of Death.

Water has been thought to be the key to life, yet some fear what lurks in the shadowy depths. This is where the Angel of Death is said to reap the souls of those destined for watery graves.

Amidst the Autumn of 1933, during the Great Depression, a young coal miner from Pennsylvania and a beautiful farm girl from Nebraska find their lives impossibly entwined. When submerged in water, both can travel great distances to each other’s homes in a matter of minutes. Bound by passion and love, neither can explain how this is possible. An unimaginable force has brought them together, yet a very real threat could tear them apart.

Unknown to them, the answers to all their questions remain with the Angel of Death. He stays hidden in the water’s shadowy depths and waits to exact his revenge upon the one who sought to challenge his mastery of death.

PUBLISHER NOTE: M/F Paranormal Romance. 19,000 words.

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